Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of IRA immigration provides information about how the personal data of the users is used. Every user is requested to go through the privacy policy before making use of the website. If you continue using the website then it will be assumed that you accept all the conditions laid down in the privacy policy.

  1. We mainly collect information like name of the user, the contact information of the user, demographic information and information with regards to client studies and /or offers.
  2. All the personal data that is collected is mainly used for:
    • To determine the requirements of the client and provide better service to the client
    • Maintenance of internal data
    • To email promotional emails about products, services etc at periodic intervals.
    • We may use the data for market studies and to modify and develop the website based on user interest
  3. To give the user a good experience IRA immigration makes use of cookies. These tiny files save the information about the usage of the website by the user. If the user does not want these cookies to be saved then it is the sole responsibility of the user to take the required measures in the security settings of the browser that the user is using.
  4. All the information that the user shares with us is stored in a secure manner. However the user should share all these details at their own risk. IRA immigration will not be responsible for the same in any way.
  5. There may be external links on the website. However IRA immigration does not endorse any of the products and services of these external websites. If the user uses these external links or provides any personal information to these websites it is at the users own risk.
  6. While clicking on any of the URL or links on the website the user must take due caution and IRA immigration will not be responsible for the same.
  7. IRA immigration reserves the complete right to make changes in the privacy policy as and when they want. IRA immigration shall not intimate the user about the same. It is the responsibility of the user to go through the privacy policy every time the user uses the website.