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Ira Immigration is a leading visa and immigration company, your trusted partner in the comprehensive immigration process. Regarded as one of the best immigration consultants in Nehru Place, we understand that your dreams know no borders. With a team of expert visa consultants in Nehru Place, we make sure that you get personalized services. Our team has extensive working experience in Migration services, Study visa, PNP programme, Dependent visa, open work permit, and more. 

At Ira Immigration, we understand that the visa immigration process can be very daunting and overwhelming, and that is why we are here. With a steadfast commitment and unwavering dedication, we are here to guide you every step of the way. No matter if you are seeking to study, work, or settle abroad, our exempting professionals are dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you require. Visit us at our office in Nehru Place or Janak Puri. 

Facts About Us

  • With a 100% success rate for Canada PR visas, we are considered as Canada PR Visa Experts in Nehru Place. We help individuals select the appropriate visa category, go through all the formalities, and overall assistance in all the filings- online as well as offline. 
  • Serving in the Express Entry system, we help you understand the intricacies of score points and ranking systems.
  • All the travelers trust us with the Tourist visa process. They are assured of the best assistance at Ira Immigration. 
  • With extensive experience in the industry, we are also dealing in post landing services and resume writing. 

Ira Immigration: Committed Since Years

Being exceptional immigration consultants in Nehru Place, we are here to simplify the complexities of your immigration and visa process. Established in 2016, Ira Immigration has been a pioneer in the industry and continuously helping individuals to fulfill their dreams. We provide comprehensive visa solutions ranging to various countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, Europe, USA, New Zealand, and more. With professionalism, innovation, integrity, and dedication, our immigration office in Nehru Place strives to set the golden standards in the immigration industry. Take a look at our offered services!  

Services We Provide

As leading immigration consultants in Nehru Place, we provide a range of services including immigration solutions, study assistance, facilitation of documentation, counseling, and beyond. Have a look at the extensive details! 

Extensive Visa Consultations- No matter if you are planning to study abroad, work in a different country, or immigrate permanently, our visa consultants in Nehru Place make sure to assist you with all the intricacies of visa applications and documentation. Contact us to know about our wide range of visa services. 

Immigration Solutions- Ranging from a skilled migration program to a family sponsorship application, our expert visa consultants in Nehru place offer comprehensive solutions. We are here to make the process easy, smooth, and understandable for you. Get your migration support for the countries, naming Canada, Australia, Germany, USA, and the UK. 

Study Abroad Assistance- As mentioned above, our immigration consultants in Nehru Place help every student to explore their educational opportunities, around the world. We are here to assist you in selecting the appropriate course, university, and country. From the initial discussions to getting your student visa, we will get through the entire process together. We are providing study visa assistance for countries such as Canada, USA, and the UK.

Furthermore, we provide proper counseling to the students looking for a suitable country and university for them. 

Work Permit- If you are someone who wants to work overseas or we can say work abroad, then we are here to ease the process. Let our best immigration consultants in Nehru Place help you with essential procedures to get the necessary work permit and visa. Go ahead with your career with Ira Immigration. 

Tourist/Visitor Visa- We are well-known for our tourist/visitor visa services. Our professionals are well-versed with the application process and are ready to help you. Get support for Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Schengen, and the UK. 

Family Sponsorship- We understand that it can be very difficult to live apart from your family. Our professionals are thoroughly working to reunite individuals with their loved ones abroad through the family's sponsorship services. If you are someone who is looking to get a dependent visa or family sponsorship, we can help! Check out our services in Canada Dependent Visa and USA Dependent Visa

Additionally, our services include a wide range of visa categories including Corporate Business Visa, Events visa (cultural visa), Honeymoon visa, and more.

What All You Get

Expert Guidance- At Ira Immigration, our immigration consultants in Nehru Place bring years of extensive experience and knowledge. They are well-versed with all the essential elements of the visa and immigration process. 

Personalized Services- Our professionals take proper time to understand your situation and collaboratively provide you with personalized solutions. We work together with you! 

Efficiency- Being one of the top immigration consultants in Nehru Place, we make sure to streamline your visa application process, ensuring that there are no delays and complexities. We value your time. 

Transparency and Integrity- At Ira Immigration, we believe in transparent and open communication. Our professionals update you at every step of your visa application. 

Customer Satisfaction- Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our expert visa consultants in Nehru Place with years of experience goes above and beyond to meet your expectations. 

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Are you someone who is looking to get assistance in the visa and immigration process? Feeling stuck or don’t know where to start? Worry not! We are here! Ira Immigration is more than just a consultation company, we are your partners to make your dreams come true. Our expertise, commitment, and specialized approach make your visa and immigration journey a success. Don’t wait anymore! Our Process includes- 

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  • Documentation Accumulation
  • Application Submission
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Contact us today and schedule a consultation with our immigration consultants in Nehru place. We’ll help you throughout your journey! 

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