Refund Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  1. No refund will be provided by IRA immigration for early withdrawal from any of the services by the client.
  2. No refund shall be provided if the visa was denied after proper application procedure followed by IRA immigration.
  3. The calculation of the refund will be made only on consultation fees of IRA immigration that have been paid by the customer at the time of generating the invoice.
  4. IRA immigration is not responsible for delays by third parties. Refund cannot be claimed by the client due to any delays by third parties like courier services.
  5. No refund request will be entertained in case the visa is rejected for reasons like client fails to attend the visa interview, applicant does not comply with the requirements of the consulate, failure to provide the necessary papers and certificates in time like the medical certificate, police clearance certificate etc, late submission of documents, violation of laws etc.
  6. No refund shall be given to the client if the client switches the service provider or the client no longer remains eligible for applying for a visa due to changes in the visa rules and regulations.
  7. Once payment is made and it has already been mentioned that it is not refundable then no refund request will be entertained by IRA immigration.
  8. If a client happens to make the payment twice for the same transaction, then the amount of one transaction will be refunded within 15 to 20 working days through the same source through which the payment was made.
  9. Please note the IRA Immigration is not liable to pay any refund if the applicant wants to with draw the application due to personal reason/Applicants Unfavorable condition/Change of mind.
  10. After successful payment the client will get confirmation messages and/ or email from the merchant and IRA immigration will not be responsible for any delays in these messages and/or emails by the merchant.
  11. IRA immigration has the complete right to make changes in the refund and dispute policy as and when they need to do the same.