Canada Express Entry Points Calculator & CRS score calculator

Detailed account about Canada Express Entry Points Calculator and CRS score calculator

Skilled workers who want to migrate and settle down in Canada must ideally opt for Federal Skilled Workers programme. This programme is based on Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator.

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Canada Express Entry Points Calculator & CRS score calculator​

It is therefore mandatory for the candidate to score as many points as possible. Better points will increase the possibility of selection of the aspirant.7/7

Check Your Eligibility with Canada Immigration points calculator for PR Visa:

  • First the candidate needs to check if he or she is eligible for getting the permanent resident visa.
  • Canada has a number of different visa categories. This is because they want to encourage more number of immigrants to come to Canada. The authorities want those candidates who can contribute to the economic development of the country.
  • The express entry system consists of a pool of candidates who are eligible for the PR visa.
  • The candidate has to score points. These points are based on different factors like age, educational qualifications, experience, language proficiency etc.
  • Candidates with high scores will get selected from the pool. They will be sent invitations to apply for the PR visa.
  • When you Check Your Eligibility for PR Visa you must check if you will be able to score more in the express entry system. As only that will increase your chance of selection.

Understanding the important aspects of Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator and CRS score calculator:

  • The candidate’s express entry profile’s assessment is done based on CRS system.
  • The score and the rank of the profile will depend on the CRS
  • The total score is out of 1200 points. 600 points are a core set of points. There is another additional set of 600 points.
  • The core points is based on factors like skill, experience, common law factors and skill transferability which includes education.
  • The additional 600 points is based on factors like degree, diploma or certificate from Canadian University, a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, provincial nomination, sibling who is living in Canada and is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and proficiency in the French language.
  • The sum of core and additional points will be the final score of the candidate.
  • Those candidates who have a higher score will be considered for the draw. The selected candidates will be sent an invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa.

Use Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator to know about your eligibility:

  • Candidates can make use of the Express Entry Points Calculator or CRS score calculator in order get a rough idea about the points that they can score.
  • First let us consider the core factors, common-law partner factors and skills transferability factors.
  1. In the case of age maximum points are 100 with partner and 110 without common-law partner. Level of education has 140 points with partner and 150 without a partner. In language proficiency, the points are 150 with partner and 160 without a partner. Canadian work experience can help the candidate get a maximum of 70 points if he has a common-law partner and 80 points if he does not have a partner.
  2. In the case of spouse of common-law partner factors, the maximum points available is 40.
  3. Last we take into account skills transferability. Good official language proficiency and post-secondary degree can help you get a maximum of 50 points. Canadian work experience and post-secondary degree can help you get a maximum of 50 points. People who are in trade occupation people with a certificate of qualification can get you 50 points.
  • 1+2+3 will = maximum 600 points
  • Now we will consider the additional point factor:
  1. 15 points for sibling living in Canada and is a PR or citizen of Canada
  2. 30 points for French language skills
  3. 30 points for post-secondary education in Canada
  4. 200 points for arranged employment
  5. 600 points Provincial Nomination
  • The total sum will be 1200 points.

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  • When you approach our immigration experts they will first check if you are eligible using the Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator.
  • In the case of eligible candidates, our experts will give them the details about the documents that the candidate will have to submit. This includes degrees, language test results etc.
  • Next our experts will guide the candidate in the creation of the express entry profile. Only eligible candidates will be accepted in the express entry pool.
  • The candidate will be ranked based on the number of points. If you get selected by the Canadian authorities then you will receive an invitation to apply for the visa. Our experts will guide you in submitting your PR visa application along with all the required documents.

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