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Details about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan has a growing economy. There are several excellent opportunities for skilled immigrants. This is one of the most livable places in Canada and is known for its wonderful lifestyle. No wonder that every year a large number of foreign workers are trying to get entry into this province through the Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program.

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The nomination program of this province is considered one of the fastest immigration programs. People from different backgrounds can apply for this program. This includes skilled workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, international students, etc.

Different streams under the Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program:

  • The international skilled worker category is for those skilled workers who have the required qualifications and work experience and are willing to settle down in this province.
  • The Saskatchewan Experience Category is for those immigrants who are working in Saskatchewan and want to settle down in this province.
  • The entrepreneur and farm category is for those immigrants who want to start their own business in the province.

A look at the process to apply for the Saskatchewan nomination:

  • The first step is to check the eligibility. There are different factors that the candidate needs to check. This includes the age of the candidate, his educational qualifications, his work experience, etc. The candidate needs to be involved in an occupation that is in demand in Saskatchewan.
  • Next the candidate has to make sure that he has all the required documents. The candidate needs to have the express entry profile number and the job seeker validation code. The candidate will also have to submit a valid passport, language test results, education certificate, education assessment credential report, experience letter, proof of funds, etc. In some cases, the candidate may have to submit Proof of Professional Status or Licensure.
  • Once the candidate has all the documents he can submit an expression of interest. The candidate has to opt for the relevant stream and then apply for the provincial nomination under that stream.
  • If the candidate fulfils all the requirements then he will be given the nomination for this province. Every year there is a huge influx of applications. So the selection is done on the basis of the draw. Candidates with higher points will naturally have better chances of selection.

A look at the criteria of the SINP program:

  • The candidate needs to be less than 49 years in order to apply for this program.
  • The candidate must have completed at least post-secondary education. The diploma, certificate or degree course that the candidate has completed must be at par with the Canadian education system.
  • The candidate must have work experience in the SNIP in-demand occupation.
  • The candidate needs to have a score of at least 4.5 bands in each section of the IELTS test. In the case of some occupations, the candidate may require a higher score.
  • In order to apply for this program the candidate needs to have at least 60 points out of 100 in the point assessment grid.
  • The candidate has to submit proof of funds in order to show that he can support his stay in Canada.

The Saskatchewan expression of interest:

  • The expression of interest is not an application. It is showing interest in working and settling down in the province. The applicant has to fill out an online form to show that he is interested in settling down in the province. He will also have to show that he fulfills all the requirements of the province. The applicant will have to pay a non-refundable fee. This fee is charged by the government.
  • The expression of interest will be valid for one year from the date of submission.
  • The ranking of the candidates is done on the basis of the information that the candidates provide in the EOI.
  • The EOI profile that has a higher ranking will be invited to submit the completed application. The selection is done on the basis of a draw.
  • The candidate has to make sure that they provide only the correct information in the EOI. If any information is found to be incorrect then the application of the candidate will be rejected.

IRA immigration can assist aspirants:

Yes, the entire process is complicated. If the candidate makes any mistake then his application can get rejected. It is therefore always better to take advice from an expert. If you want advice only from the best immigration expert then you have to choose us. We have years of professional experience. We have successfully helped a large number of candidates who were aspiring for provincial nomination.

This is how our experts will assist you:

  • We have a dedicated team of visa and immigration experts for Canada immigration.
  • Our experts will first study the client profile. If the candidate fulfills all the requirements of the SINP program then they will assist the candidate. If the candidate is not eligible then our experts will convey the same and will also advise them on how they can increase their chances of selection.
  • The eligible candidates will then be provided guidance for all the online and offline activities that as submitting the expression of interest, submitting all the required documents, etc.
Aspirants who are keen to apply for the Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program must get in touch with our immigration advisors at the earliest. You can call us or you may meet our experts in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

-Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

-Attainment of 60 points in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) point assessment grid.

-Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 4 or IELTS score of 6.0

-At least one year of skilled work experience

-valid job offer, depending on the chosen stream

-The job must fall under NOC skill level 0, A, or B

6 To 8 Months.

Yes, IELTS or an equivalent language proficiency test is typically required for the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). You need to have at least 7 per band in IELTS for the language proficiency test. 

SINP applications may be rejected due to incomplete documentation, insufficient qualifications, failure to meet program criteria, discrepancies in information provided, or changes in immigration policies. It^s crucial to carefully review requirements and ensure all documents are accurate and complete to avoid rejection.

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