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Canada is a great place to move and it is a perfect place that offers a quality lifestyle. Many people dream of moving to Canada and make their life there. Some of them are people who want to move to Canada as they have a loved one in the country, be it their spouse or parents. The government of Canada allows citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their dependents. It is worth mentioning that every year, thousands of people apply for the Canada Spouse Visa and Dependent visa and acquire the same. At IRA immigration, we understand your requirements and help you accomplish those. 

Looking to bring your dependents to the country? If you are someone who is a permanent resident of Canada, you can surely bring your dependents to Canada because being with family is what everyone wants. One should note that the applicant for Canada Dependent Visa has to prove that they have enough resources to support their dependents and they are not going to depend on the public fund. Whenever you are ready to move to Canada with your family, Ira Immigration can help!

What is a Canada Dependent Visa?

A Canada Dependent Visa allows a Canadian permanent resident to sponsor their spouse or we can say common-law partner or kids to travel to Canada with the aim of joining and becoming a permanent resident of Canada. 

Who are the dependents here?

  • The dependents can be the spouse of the sponsor or the common-law partner or can be the dependent child. 
  • Talking about the dependent child, they must be under 21 years old and should not have a spouse or partner. 

The dependents can even work or study full-time once they acquire suitable permits for those purposes. Those who apply for a Canada Dependent Visa, have to complete a thorough process. Ira Immigration aims to simplify the whole process for you. Check out all the necessary details. 

How to apply for a Canada Dependent Visa?

One must apply online. To apply for a Canada Dependent Visa, one should follow certain steps- 

  • Acquire the mandatory visa application package. This includes application forms and the instruction manual to guide you. 
  • The next step is to fill out the forms- it incorporate the details of the Sponsor as well as the Dependent.  
  • Now comes the payment for a visa application fee. The payment can be made via various mediums. 
  • The application forms along with all the essential documents such as medical certifications, biometrics, police certificates, etc.) should be submitted. 

After completing all the steps, one should wait for the updates and do proper follow-ups. 

Who can you sponsor as a dependent?

As per the laws in Canada, an applicant can sponsor specific relations for a Dependent Visa for Canada. The relations are as follows:

  • Common-law partner or spouse 
  • Conjugal Partner 
  • Dependent Kids but they should be under 21

These upper-mentioned relations can surely live with the sponsor in Canada. Further, the dependent partner can also apply for a work permit if they want to work in the country. 

Details of Canada Dependent Visa

Check out all the necessary details regarding a Canada Dependent Visa with IRA immigration. 

Eligibility Requirements to Sponsor a Dependent

If you are someone who is looking to sponsor a dependent in Canada, take note of the following mentioned requirements that you must fulfill- 

  • The sponsor should be the age of 18 or above. 
  • The sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. 
  • Sponsor should make sure that both the sponsor and Dependent, will be financially independent. 
  • The sponsor and the partner for which they are applying must be legally married. 
  • For any other relationship, the sponsor has to have a legitimate relationship. 
  • In case of disability, the sponsor has to prove that they are not taking any government aid.

Documents Required for Canada Dependent Visa

In order to apply for a Canada Dependent visa, one should have the following mentioned documents- 

  • Valid passport and travel information
  • Identity cards of the application.
  • Birth certificate of the sponsor as well as the Dependent. 
  • Other important documents are a Canadian Citizenship card, Canadian passport, or PR card. 
  • Another document needed is the proof document of the relationship between the Dependent and the sponsor. For instance- the marriage certificate in case of the spouse visa. 
  • To prove the availability of adequate funds, the sponsor should provide proof of stable income. 
  • If needed, birth certificates of the Indian migrants and their dependents' family members. 
  • Some other important documents are photographs, police verification certificate, SOP for Dependent Visa, and Letter of Sponsorship. 

Furthermore, there will be some application forms that have to be filled essentially. 

Eligibility Requirements to Sponsor a Spouse

In the case of a Canada Spouse Visa, there are some requirements as follows- 

  • First of all, the sponsor should be of age 18 and above. 
  • Once the Spouse becomes a permanent resident of Canada, the sponsor and spouse must stay in the country or else plan to return.
  • From the financial perspective, the sponsor should be able to meet both of their financial needs for the next three years. 
  • To sponsor the spouse, one should hold citizenship of Canada or a permanent residence. 
  • The sponsor should have a real relationship with their spouse and the relation must be a year old. In this case, the marriage certificate is also necessary. 

One should note that there are specific requirements in the case of a child visa and a Dependent visa of other family members. 

Processing time for a Canada Spouse Visa

The processing time for a Canada Spouse Visa/ Canada Dependent Visa is approximately 13 months, after submitting all the necessary documentation. After a period of time, and after that there will be a waiting period for your passport to be stamped. However, the officials can delay your application if not filled out properly. 

How Ira Immigration can help

With comprehensive immigration and visa solutions, IRA Immigration works towards making the process easy for you. We are a leading Visa Immigration Consultants provider and aim to provide you with the best possible services. Our professionals have suitable expertise to help you with the Canada Dependent Visa consultant in  Delhi. We understand that it is a dream for you to relocate where your loved ones are! IRA immigration helps you with: 

  • Applications, forms, and all the filings 
  • Essential documents checklist 
  • Support during the application process 
  • We make sure you never miss any updates or follow-ups, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

3 Months

Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has specified the following minimum fund requirements: Single person – $27,514 CAD. A family of two – $34,254 CAD. A family of three – $42110 CAD.

Yes, dependents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada through various immigration programs.

The IELTS or other language proficiency tests are not typically required for Canada Dependent Visas.

In May 2023, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced a new policy granting open work permits to spouses, partners, and dependents of permanent residents, citizens, temporary workers, and students already residing in Canada.

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