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Need a Resume that makes you stand apart? We got you covered! 

Whether you have migrated successfully or are just about to migrate, it will be essential for you to have a stable job in order to pay your bills. One should always remember that every country has its own set of rules when it comes to jobs and occupations. In simpler words, the job market is different in every country. The most important element in getting your dream job is your Resume as it speaks everything about you to an employer. You should know that every country has its own set of standards for resumes. Since you are in a new country, it will become difficult for you to grasp everything at once, that’s why we are here to help! As your consultant, we are significantly familiar with these standards and ready to help you make an appealing resume based on the specific country. 

Our professionals at Ira Immigration are perfectly positioned to design a resume that makes you stand apart from the rest of the applicants. 

What makes a Resume standout? 

Resumes are something that makes a first impression of you to your employer, it plays a critical role in your professional life. Working abroad is a dream for everyone, but one has to make sure that their resume speaks heights about them. At Ira immigration, we take care of the necessary steps which are important for your resume. It includes:

  • The resume should have necessary industry keywords. 
  • It should clearly state the career objectives. 
  • It must be formatted according to the international norms. 
  • Language should be appealing and relevant. 
  • A well-structured resume that appeals to the recruiter. 
  • Bring out the appropriate areas of your education, skills, and also experience. 
  • The resume should be quality-checked and it must be error-proof. 

Our professionals make sure that your resume meets the industry standards and it should make a lasting good impression on the recruiter. We believe in keeping it short, simple and to the point. The information that should be included are:

  • Contact details
  • List of key skills- technical/software skills
  • Personal attributes/career summary
  • Educational qualifications
  • Employment history/work placements
  • References/referees

Build your Resume with Ira Immigration! 

To ease your challenges in the new country, we are committed to helping you! We know that every HR or recruiter sees number of resumes every day, that’s why our experts at Ira Immigration construct your resume in a way that cannot be easily foreseen by them. With vast experience in the industry, we know the importance of drafting a country-specific resume. We put maximum effort in your resume so that it can speak of who you are and get selected, however, it also depends on how you perform so make sure to be clear, confident, and well-informed. We wish you luck! 

At Ira Immigration, we work to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. We are your trusted consultants, assisting you in the migration process, required documentation, personalized services, and many more. Contact us to know more!

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