Post Landing Services

Post Landing services with Ira Immigration 

Migrating to a new country can be challenging, the settlement and integration include various different factors that collectively create your journey. With trusted services, you can face these challenges with ease. Ira Immigration is a leading consultant and we are here to provide you with assistance at our best. Talking about the migration, it does not only end with your arrival on the destination, it includes the post-landing duties as well. At Ira Immigration, we provide post-landing assistance to our clients that ensures a smooth transition into the new country. 

Let us mention that we assist you personally from the very beginning until you settle in your dream country. We make sure to provide comfort throughout the immigration process. 

Post Landing Services 

Ira Immigration provides the following mentioned services, once our client lands in the country where they have migrated! 

Assistance for Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Post your landing, our professionals at Ira Immigration will help you to get the Social Insurance Number (SIN) or equivalent necessary documents that you require. These documents are proof of your identification and will help you get the access to work in the new country, leverage government policies, or pay taxes. We are fully committed towards assisting you throughout the process. 

Assistance in Job Search 

Another domain in which we are going to help you post landing is job search. Ira Immigration knows the importance of being financially independent, that's why we provide post landing service in job search. Our experts will help you get the appropriate job for you. We will assist you in the following areas-

  • Crafting a compelling Resume and cover letter. 
  • Exploring the job market, listing and finding the relevant and most suitable jobs. 
  • Introduction of a vast network which makes the job hunt easy

Why choose Ira Immigration?

Ira Immigration is one of the leading Immigration and Visa consultants in Delhi. Our professionals at Ira Immigration have vast experience in providing post-landing services and are truly dedicated towards our clients. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and work upon them. With us, you'll get a positive and enjoyable immigration experience. We are your trusted advisors providing our expertise, personalized service, assistance in documentation, application support, and obviously peace of mind.

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll simplify the whole immigration process for you! 

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