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Canada which is known for its quality life and superb benefits that the residents get is one of the best countries that one can settle down.

If you want to work and live in Canada then approach us at IRA immigration in order to understand all the formalities involved in Canada PR Visa process. One has to keep in mind that there are different types of immigration programmes under which one can apply for the permanent resident for Canada.

Understanding the concept of Canada PR card:

The permanent resident card or the PR card is given to the permanent residents of Canada. They need to carry this card with them when they travel in and out of Canada. The permanent resident will need this card when he or she re enters Canada.

The benefits enjoyed by the Canada permanent residents

The permanent resident of Canada gets the following benefits:

  • Permanent residents can work, study and travel anywhere across Canada
  • If they fulfil certain criteria, then the Canada permanent residents can even apply for citizenship
  • Permanent residents get medical and healthcare benefits
  • Permanent citizens can also enjoy an array of social benefits similar to that enjoyed by citizens of Canada.
  • A permanent resident of Canada is protected by the law of Canada and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom

However, one point to be noted here is that permanent resident of Canada cannot vote or hold political office or get a job that has a requirement of high security clearance.

What are the requirements to start for Canada PR Visa process?

If you wish to apply for the Canada PR Visa Process then one has to keep in mind that there are a number of different visa categories from which one needs to select the right visa category. The different visa categories include skilled immigrants that are the Express entry programme, Quebec skilled worker program, Investors Entrepreneurs and Self Employed, Family Sponsorship, Live in Care giver Visa. Under the Quebec skilled worker program there is the family sponsorship programme and sponsoring refugees.
One of the most famous visa categories is the one for skilled workers that is the Canada Express entry program. This is a point based programme which is a point based programme. Points are given based on different factors like age, qualification, work experience etc. The applicant has to give the scores of language test and they also need to give their ECA report or Educational Credential Assessment report. The applicant has to fulfill the criteria of minimum points and also has to submit the expression of interest.
Other documents needed include health and moral certificate. The best candidates are selected based on the Canada Express entry draw and invitation to apply for the PR visa is sent to the selected candidates. One has to be thorough with Canada express entry points calculator in order to know the different factors involved in the point calculation.
Other Canada PR visa categories also have their own specific documentation and formalities which need to be completed if the applicant wants to start Canada PR Visa process.
IRA immigration for your Canada PR Visa

As you can see there are a number of visa categories for Canada PR Visa. Understanding and selecting the right category can be difficult. Therefore, it is best that you opt for our competent visa and immigration services at IRA immigration. Our professional team is well versed with all the different visa categories. They also have extensive knowledge about the formalities and criteria that needs to fulfilled for the different visa categories. In case of certain visas one will have to follow the point based system.

We at IRA can help you understand the point based system in detail. You can get the correct guidance for all the different documents like medical certificate, character certificate and various other documents and paperwork. We have dedicated team that looks into Canada immigration and they will make sure that they guide you and inform you all the details.

Our Canada Immigration consultants in Delhi will also assist you after you receive the letter of invitation. In case you wish to apply for Canadian citizenship even then we can furnish all the details about the formalities. To Start your Canada PR Visa process you can always trust IRA immigration consultants.

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