Which country is best for Study for Indian Students?

Best Country to Study for Indian Students

As we all know, education plays an important role in our lives. We are highly dependent on education in each aspect of our life. But when we say education, it’s not just about the knowledge we acquire from our textbooks, it’s far more than that. Yes, it is more than that. But somewhere we cannot deny that the education we get is highly influenced by what we study, where we study & what kind of exposure we get.

Keeping all these things in mind, today, we bring you the most important topic for your knowledge. And that is which country is best for studying for Indian Students? This topic is highly recommended for those who are keenly waiting to pursue their higher studies abroad.

In this blog, we will highlight this topic & will also explain some other important points for your reference & will also give you a list of some of the top countries & universities where you can get global exposure & develop yourself as an individual. Now let’s explore the entire write-up without any hurry.

Best Country For study For Indian Students

Out of a lot of better options already presented before you, we understand that it is very difficult for you to understand which country you shall choose & which will be the best country for study for Indian students specifically; the details are mentioned below:

  • USA: USA or United States of America is one of the most developed countries in the world. It is the super power & the most advanced economy. It consists of 50 states and ranks among the topmost countries to pursue higher education. It has 4,000 acclaimed & accredited institutions in the world. It has some of the world’s most famous & dream institutions like Harvard, Stanford, the University of California & others.

  • UK: the UK or the United Kingdom is supposed to be the best country for study for Indian Students as well as students worldwide. With the presence of the world’s no 1 educational institutions like Oxford & Cambridge, the UK tops the list. There are a lot of students who dream to study in the UK but only a few make it.

  • Canada: If you will see the graph, more Indian students prefer to study in Canada. And each year a lot of students apply to study in Canada for courses like CPL. MSC in Business & others. Even the chances of visa approval in Canada are much higher. Apart from this, Canada has some of the top universities in the world like Mcgill University & University of British Columbia which secure a good rank on the Global Index every year.

  • France: France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This country is popularly famous for tourism. But apart from tourism, it also offers a great exposure to students & one of the best countries to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

  • Netherlands: The Netherlands is famous for its history, art & culture. It is one of the popular tourist destinations & is also famous as a hub of history. It has 13 globally recognized universities. Some of its universities have also produced the Nobel prize winners. Therefore, you can say that is the best country for studying Indian students.

  • Germany: Most students prefer Germany for its globally recognized universities. Another important reason for choosing Germany is the low tuition fees. As per a report in 2018 35.3% of prospective foreign students in Germany highlighted low or no tuition fee universities.

  • Russia: Most students prefer to study medicine, IT & Engineering courses in Russia as Russia is a leading face in these courses in terms of everything. Apart from this, it offers a large choice of programs which makes it more popular among students & also makes it the best country for study for Indian Students.

Documents Required to study in Other Countries

When we are already discussing the best country to study for Indian students, it too is our responsibility to let you know what are the basic requirements to study abroad. This is to make you fully prepared before your application process. Now have a look at all those important documents:

● Get health insurance & health certificate showing you are medically fit
● Get a recent Police certificate funds in your Bank Account or your Sponsors Bank Account
● You must be having a GIC
● You must be having a Letter of Recommendation
● You must be having a Letter of Acceptance
● You must be having a Language Proficiency Certificate
● Ensure that you have a valid Passport
● Prepare an SOP

Cost of Studying Abroad

The best country for study for Indian Students is not a matter of concern, the vital concern here is the cost required to study in the best countries. Since every good thing comes with a cost, the best country for study for Indian students also comes with a cost. It is generally estimated that the cost of studying abroad will be higher than that in India. Wrapping it all, you have to be ready to spend a massive amount if you are planning to study in foreign countries.


In the end, no matter how much it costs you, if you want a better future & prosperity in your career & life, it is always suggested to go for a global foreign institution rather than doing it from the home country,

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