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Important Features of Australia eVisitor Subclass 651 Visa

The Australia eVisitor subclass 651 Visa is an electronically stored authority for the purpose of traveling to Australia. The eVisitor Subclass 651 Visa allows its holders to

  • Enter Australia and stay for the period of three months.
  • To conduct a general business and participate in activities such as conferences, seminars and trade fairs.
  • To review or investigate a business contract.
  • Have a vacation visit to the relatives and family residing in Australia
  • Circumstantially, the visa holder can also study for the period of three months

Important Features of Australia eVisitoThe business visit on a Australia eVisitor subclass 651 visa accentuates:r Subclass 651 Visa

  • Activities included under official government to government Visit
  • Participation in non-paid conferences and business fairs

It should be noted that visa does not allow the holders to work in Australia, however, the visitors can engage in volunteer work for which they are not paid.

Find out your Eligibility for Australia eVisitor subclass 651 Visa

To be eligible for acquiring an Australia eVisitor subclass 651 Visa

  • The applicant must be outside Australia
  • The applicant should have a citizenship and a valid passport in the country in which he is residing.
  • He should be from the eligible countries that have the bilateral agreement with Australia. There are 35 eligible countries whose citizens can apply for the Australia eVisitor subclass 651 Visa.
  • The applicant should not be suffering from Tuberculosis or any other highly contagious disease.
  • He should have a sound mental and physical health.
  • The applicant should not be criminally convicted for which he was liable to serve the sentence of more than a year.

How to apply for Australia eVisitor subclass 651 Visa?

If you want to travel Australia on the eVisitor subclass visa 651, then we are here to help you. The extensive knowledge and experience of our team in the demesne of immigration allows us to fast forward the Visa acquisition process. Reach us to find out whether you are eligible for Australia eVisitor subclass 651 visa and our experts will revert to you in no time with the best of advice and recommendations.

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