How Canada PNP Can Be Your Ticket To Immigration?

How Canada PNP Can Be Your Ticket To Immigration?

Millions of people the world over dream of making it big in Canada – the land of opportunities. The Canadian economy lures them with lucrative job offers and an upscale growth chart. While all those millions do apply for Canadian immigration with the intent to work and settle in the country, not all of them are just as lucky as some others.

All isn’t lost though because there are ways to facilitate the immigration process. Canada Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), for example. It’s believed to be one of the simplest means for securing Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. In other words, it can well be your ticket to settling down in the country real fast.  

There are several benefits therefore of applying for Canadian PR via the PNP program. Let’s look at some of them below.

How Does Canada PNP Facilitate Immigration?

Before we talk about the benefits, here’s a brief on the program itself. The PNP invites skilled applicants from all parts of the world. These candidates must possess certain desirable skill sets as defined by each of the Canadian provinces. If an application matches the exact requirements for educational qualification, work experience and other specific skills, the applicant is eligible to apply for PR under the PNP program.

These criteria are laid out by individual employers in specific provinces based on certain supply gaps in that province for skilled labour. Some of the benefits offered by the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs include:

  • Faster processing of PR visa applications – Under the Canadian PNP, each province directly nominates a skilled candidate to contribute to the country’s economy. With the direct nomination, the entire visa application process can be swiftly processed and completed in as less as 6 months or lower.

This is because once your application under the PNP gets approved by the particular province, you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR. By applying for the same within 90 days, you stand a chance to obtain PR approval in less than 6 months.

  • Option to select a province of choice – The Canadian PNP also enables applicants to choose a particular province where they wish to work and reside. If your application matches the exact requirements set by that province and you satisfy all the eligibility criteria, you can easily aspire to settle down in the province of your choice.
  • Numerous job opportunities to avail of – The Canadian PNP program is a skilled migration program that invites only skilled applicants from all parts of the world. People with the necessary skills as required by different provinces, as well as international graduates and business entrepreneurs stand a chance to put their skills to use and contribute to the country’s GDP growth.
  • Express Entry-linked PNP doesn’t mandate job offer – By choosing to apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Programs via the Express Entry system, the applicant doesn’t necessarily need to have an employment offer from an employer in the province. This further eases out the application process, thereby enabling more foreign candidates to apply for immigration.

Secure your Chances by Hiring Canada Immigration Consultancy

While you can apply for Canada PNP programs on your own, you might improve your chances at visa approval by availing the services of an immigration consultancy. Visa consultants are experts in the field of visa application and processing. They are well-versed with all the necessary formalities laid out by immigration authorities. As a result, hiring them can help ensure accurate visa application and swift processing time. A trusted Canada immigration consultancy can also guide you on choosing the right PNP for immigration.

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