What Are The Documents Required For Canada Immigration?

What Are The Documents Required For Canada Immigration?

Every year many aspirants from India apply for the Canada permanent resident visa. This is because there are very good career prospects in Canada. This is also a very safe country where one can settle down with their family. If you are planning to apply for the Canada PR visa then you must have proper knowledge about Documents for Canada Immigration.

Normally the documents that you have to submit will depend on the visa category that you are selecting. There are many different visa categories in the case of Canada PR visa. The candidate must check for which visa category he is eligible. Next, he needs to check the documentation formalities associated with that visa category.

A look at some of the basic documents that are needed for Canada visa:

  • You will have to submit a valid passport and photograph.
  • The candidate will also have to submit the education certificate. If the candidate has received his degree/diploma from non-Canadian University then he will have to submit the Education Credential Assessment Report. This is to prove that the degree or the diploma that the candidate has received from a non-Canadian University is at par with the Canadian University.
  • The candidate will also have to submit work experience letters and certificates.
  • If the candidate claims to have received an offer from a Canadian employer then he will have to submit the offer letter from the employer.
  • Submission of medical certificate and police verification certificate is also a must.
  • The candidate will also have to give the details for the proof of funds.
  • The submission of English and/or French proficient test scores is also a must if you want to apply for the Canadian PR visa.
  • If applicable then documents like marriage certificate, divorce certificate, adoption certificate, etc will also have to be submitted by the candidate.

Why you need the help of Canada Immigration Consultants for completing the documentation process?

You may wonder why you take the help of immigration consultants for the submission of documents. It must be noted that the list that is mentioned above is not the complete list. It is just a list of the basic documents that are needed.

Several other documents may have to be submitted. This may vary for different visa categories. Now it can be very difficult for a layman to understand these things. If you fail to submit even one relevant document then the processing of your visa will get delayed. In some cases, the visa application may also get rejected. In that case, the candidate will have to reapply for the visa. This can be a very frustrating thing. If your visa application gets rejected you will lose your visa fees as well. This is because the visa fee is non-refundable.

If you do not want to go through all these issues then it is always better to consult a good visa and immigration consultant like IRA immigration.

When it comes to Canada immigration no one can match IRA immigration:

  • IRA immigration is one of the best immigration consultants that has been operating in Delhi for the past many years. They have one of the most efficient teams who are well versed with all the formalities of immigration to Canada
  • When you approach IRA immigration, they will check your credentials and then they will advise you to select a particular visa category.
  • Once the visa category is selected then IRA immigration will tell the candidate about the formalities that have to be completed.
  • They will also tell the candidate about the different documents that have to be submitted along with the Canada PR visa application
You have to be very particular about the submission of Documents for Canada Immigration. If you think that, you cannot manage this then it is better to approach IRA immigration. They will guide you for the submission of the right documents. They have their offices in Janakpuri and Nehru Place.

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