Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Well, it is one of the most awesome decisions if you have decided to settle down in Canada for good. The infrastructure, the economy the quality of life in this country is very good and so obviously you have taken the right decision. But then what plans have you made for the next step? That is how will you go about applying for Canada Permanent Resident Visa? Go ahead and read further to get a better idea about how you can get all the details regarding applying for Canada PR Visa.

Why do you need this Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

If you have decided to work or reside in Canada forever, then a temporary visa is not going to be beneficial for you. It always makes sense to go in for a Canada PR Visa. Keep in mind that a foreigner who is studying or working in Canada with a temporary visa is not a Canada permanent resident Visa. A temporary visa holder will not get the benefits that a PR visa holder will get. In order to understand the finer points of the benefits that a permanent resident enjoys one must hire reputed immigration consultants like IRA immigration as they will be able to explain the finer nuances in a better way. Just to give you a broader picture keep in mind that a permanent resident gets the benefits of working, living and studying anywhere in Canada. They enjoy a number of social, legal and healthcare benefits. In future a PR can apply for Canadian citizenship, provided the applicant fulfils certain prerequisites.

Here’s a sneak peek into the documentation and other formalities:

The documentation that is needed for applying for Canada Permanent Resident Visa can be a little complicated. This is one of the primary reasons that applicants must approach good consultants like IRA immigration. Only consultants of repute like IRA have in-depth knowledge about the various formalities and the documents that are needed to apply for the visa. IRA will explain in detail about the proof of funds and proof of support that the applicant needs to submit along with the application. They will also give you details about documents like education certificates; sponsorship letters, personal identification documents etc that are needed. IRA will also guide you in selecting the correct visa categories and will update the applicant about the requirements of skill assessment test, language tests, fees involved in processing the application etc. So fulfil your Canadian pursuit by discussing with IRA about every detail about the Canada PR Visa.

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