Immigrate To Canada With Family

Immigrate To Canada With Family

Canada is an amazing country and every year many Indians apply for PR visas in Canada. This is one country that wants more skilled foreign workers must settle down in Canada and contribute to the economic development of the country. It is for this reason that Canada encourages these skilled workers to Immigrate To Canada With Family.

Why one must think of settling down in Canada with family?

  • Canada is a safe country for women and children. This is one country where the crime rate is low and the law and order situation is very good.

  • Canada has a very good infrastructure and you can give your family a quality life.

  • There are many good industries in Canada and hence there are many good career opportunities for different skilled professionals.

  • The Canadian education system is considered one of the best education systems across the globe and your children can sure get the best education if you settle down in Canada.

  • Canadian permanent residents enjoy several medical facilities that are similar to what the citizens of Canada enjoy.

Interested in knowing how to migrate to Canada along with your family?

  • If you are sure that you want to Immigrate To Canada With Family then first you have to apply for your PR visa and then migrate to Canada

  • Once you are settled in Canada you can bring your family here by applying for a family sponsorship visa.

  • There are some important aspects of this family sponsorship visa which has to be taken into consideration before you apply for the PR visa for your family

Know when a person can sponsor another family member for the family sponsorship visa:

Family sponsorship visaFamily sponsorship visa

  • You can sponsor a family member if you are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada

  • You have to be above 18 years of age.

  • You have to furnish proof that you are financially capable of supporting the sponsored family member for several years.

Now here are the people that you can sponsor under the family sponsorship visa:

You can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner and you can also sponsor your dependent children. It is also possible to sponsor your parents and grandparents under the family sponsorship visa.

It is not possible to sponsor non-immediate family members for the family sponsorship visa that is you cannot sponsor your sister or brother or uncle etc. However, there are some exceptions to these rules and you need to check about the same with a good Canadian immigration company which has in-depth knowledge about the Canadian family sponsorship visa.

The income requirements that the sponsor needs to fulfil for the family sponsorship visa:

  • The sponsor has to sign the sponsorship agreement with the sponsored member and this is a commitment that the sponsor is giving that he will provide financial support to the sponsored family member as committed in the agreement.

  • The length of the undertaking will depend on which family member you are sponsoring. For example,for a spouse, the length of the undertaking is for 3 years whereas for a dependent child the length of the undertaking is 10 years or till the child reaches the age of 25 whichever comes first. For parents and grandparents, the length of the undertaking is 20 years.

  • In the case of Quebec, there is some difference in the length of the undertaking of the family member. For example, for a dependent child who is less than 16 years, the length of the undertaking is a minimum of 10 years or until the child reaches the age of 18 years whichever is longer.

Check the details of how you can apply for the family sponsorship visa:

  • If you want to Immigrate To Canada With Family and if you are going to be the sponsor then you have to first check if you meet the requirements of the sponsor.

  • Next, the family members whom you intend to sponsor must meet the eligibility requirements of the family sponsorship visa.

  • At the Federal level, the sponsor has to apply to the IRCC for the family sponsorship visa and at the Quebec level, the application has to go to the MIFI.

  • The sponsor has to pay the family sponsorship visa application fee

The documentation requirement of a Family sponsorship visa:

  • You need to submit proof of relationship with the person whom you intend to sponsor. For example, if you are sponsoring your spouse then you have to submit your marriage certificate.

  • The sponsor has to submit proof of funds to show that he has enough money to support the sponsored family member.

  • The applicant has to submit the completed application form and the visa application fees when applying for this visa.

  • Any other document that is requested by the visa authorities has to be submitted by the applicant failing which the visa application can get rejected.

Need guidance while applying for the family sponsorship visa?

Are you confused and have no idea how to apply for the family sponsorship visa? Then instead of making mistakes in the application form which can lead to rejection of the application, it is better to take expert advice.

It is always better to connect with a good visa and immigration company that has years of experience in the visa and immigration industry. Always choose a company that has a proven track record and has the best team of visa experts who are well versed with all the requirements of the different types of visas for Canada.

In the case of a Canada visa,you must choose the right visa category from a large number of visa categories and for this, you have to first check if you are eligible for that particular visa category.

Next, you have to check the documentation requirements and then submit all the required documents along with the completed application form and pay the visa fees. The time for processing the permanent visa for Canada depends on many factors like the visa category, whether the applicant has submitted all the documents correctly etc.

Need the best visa and immigration company’s assistance?

  • If you are looking for one of the top-notch visa and immigration companies which has been providing the best service in this industry for the past many years then you have to choose IRA immigration.

  • IRA is a renowned company that has a dedicated team of visa experts for Canada immigration. The visa experts of IRA immigration have in-depth knowledge about the different Canada visa categories and their requirements.

  • IRA immigration has a successful track record and they are known for providing correct advice to the clients. This is one of the highly recommended visas and immigration services providers for Canada immigration.

Systematic assistance from IRA immigration:

  • When you approach IRA immigration with the requirement of a Family sponsorship visa the expert of IRA immigration will first check if you are eligible to become a sponsor.

  • If you are eligible then the expert will understand the details of the family members whom you want to sponsor.

  • Next, the expert will give an idea about the sponsorship undertaking that the sponsor has to give and he will also give information about the documents that have to be submitted along with the application form.

  • The expert in IRA immigration provides complete assistance to the client throughout the application procedure.

  • In case the person is not eligible to become a sponsor or if he cannot sponsor a particular family member then the expert explains the reasons for the same to the applicant and also checks if there is any other visa category that he can consider to get his loved ones to Canada.

Yes, it is possible to get your family to Canada and all that you have to do is choose the appropriate visa category and take all the help that you need from one of the leading visa and immigration companies and that is IRA immigration.

Can’t wait to apply for the Canada visa? Then connect with IRA immigration now!

If you want your family to join you in Canada at the earliest then it is time to consider the option of a family sponsorship visa. But for this first, you have to be financially stable and you must have a PR visa for Canada.

So, if you want to get the complete details of how you can apply for your PR visa and then how you can apply for the family sponsorship visa then you have to get in touch with the best visa and immigration company.

IRA immigration is a company which can provide all the guidance that you require for your Canada visa application. All that you need to do is explain to them about your requirement and give your complete and correct details. Once the experts of IRA immigration have reviewed your profile they will be able to provide the best assistance to you.

So, waste no more time and get in touch with the experts of IRA immigration right away. The experts of IRA immigration shall provide correct advice for all types of Canada immigration visas and so you need to connect with them now.

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