Which Country has Highest Demand for Mechanical Engineers?

Mechanical engineering is one of the world’s largest engineering professions. Their job descriptions include activities such as mechanical system and device design, development, construction, and testing.

The majority of people in this occupation work in the oil, gas, or industrial sectors. Others have chosen to specialize in R&D, testing, or manufacturing.

The top five countries with the highest demand for Mechanical Engineers are listed below. Where Skilled Engineers Can Achieve Significant Success

• UK


Southern states are known for their large military bases, manufacturing centers, and companies, all of which provide competitive career opportunities for aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer hardware, electrical, electronics, environmental, health and safety engineers, industrial, marine engineers and naval architects, materials, mechanical, mining, and geological engineers. The engineering industries in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida, California, and Ohio are larger than the national average.


Japan retains its position as a leader in high-tech advanced engineering and manufacturing centers, with Japanese multinational conglomerates playing global roles in aerospace, chemicals, industrial sectors, and automobile production. Because Japanese manufacturing accounts for roughly 30% of the global market share, advanced engineering professionals have numerous exciting opportunities.

Mechanical Engineers will be in high demand in Canada in 2024.

The demand for mechanical engineers in Canada is increasing rapidly. According to the “Canadian Association of Professional Engineers,” over 15,000 mechanical engineering jobs are available, and only 10,000 professionals are qualified to fill them.

In Canada, there is an urgent need for qualified mechanical engineers. With so many positions open and only a small pool of candidates with the necessary skillset, Working in Canada is difficult, especially if you do not have a PR visa.

Immigrant Routes for Mechanical Engineers to Canada

There are two ways to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. The Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Program are available (PNP).

Express Entry is a federal program that allows candidates to settle anywhere in Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Program, also known as the PNP, is a province-based PR status. It allows candidates to remain in the region from which they were nominated.

Program for Express Entry

Express Entry is a fast-track model designed to fill a skilled labor shortage in Canada. A point-based measurement is used to evaluate the candidate’s online profile. These are referred to as CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points.

Other factors are also considered. Candidates’ profiles are moved to the Express Entry Pool once they complete the Express Entry Program.

If they meet the minimum eligibility score, eligible candidates are chosen for permanent residency in periodic draws. Responses to invitations to apply for PR status must be received within 90 days.

Program for Provincial Nominees

Candidates with low CRS scores in the Express Entry Pool can apply for permanent residency in Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Each Canadian province has its own set of eligibility requirements. To obtain PR status, candidates must meet the necessary criteria.

The following are the eligibility requirements for some provinces.

Mechanical Engineers in Canada – Demand by Province and Territory

Every province in Canada is distinct from the others. Mechanical engineers can find suitable jobs in a variety of industries. Some areas have more job openings than others. These positions are open to qualified engineers.

Canada’s Atlantic

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick make up this region. These provinces are sparsely populated, but there is a high demand for engineers in growing industries.

It is ideal for finding a happy medium between work and family life. It’s how people live in Atlantic Canada. The region has a friendly atmosphere and one of the lowest crime rates in North America.

British Columbia and Ontario

Toronto and Vancouver are located in this region. These two provinces have the most opportunities for mechanical engineers. The United States borders both provinces, and the mood is decidedly American.

Niagara Falls, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan are all well-known attractions in Ontario. British Columbia is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is dotted with thousands of tiny islands.

Saskatchewan and Alberta

Great engineering firms like Jacobs and Stantec call this place home. The demand for machinery and technical design is high. Engineers are needed in traditional roles all over the region.

Engineers with specialized knowledge and experience are in high demand. They are paid well, and the cost of living is low. Summers are beautiful here, but winters can be brutal.

Northwest Territories and Yukon

In this region, mining is the order of the day. However, the pay is reasonable, and the lifestyle is excellent. There is a lot of untouched wilderness and fishing.

During the summer, there are 18 hours of daylight. Winters are completely different, but you can see the incredible aurora borealis in the evenings. It’s an exciting time to be a mechanical maintenance engineer in this environment.


Mechanical engineering graduates are highly mobile all over the world. In Canada, they are in high demand. With a rapidly expanding economy, the country’s infrastructure requires skilled immigrants to keep up. Canada is one country that welcomes immigrants. As the demand for engineers has increased, a large Indian population has settled in Canada. If you are a mechanical engineer or an engineering student and want to move to Canada, don’t hesitate to contact our visa experts at IRA Immigration.

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