How much CRS score required for Canada express entry?

Skilled workers who want to get the Canada permanent resident visa at the earliest must check if they are eligible for the Canada express entry programme. The candidate can check the CRS score that is needed by using the Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator.

A look at the points criteria of Canada express entry programme:

  • The minimum points that the candidate needs to score in order to be eligible for the express entry programme is 67 points.
  • The points are based on a number of factors. These factors are age, education, work experience, language scores etc.
  • The candidate has to try and score more number of points. Based on the number of points the candidate’s profile will be given a ranking. Naturally, the profiles with higher points will have higher ranking.
  • When a candidate has higher ranking his chances of selection in the express entry draw are higher.
  • The express entry draw is held at periodic intervals. It is held by the IRCC.
  • The candidates who are selected in the express entry draw will receive an invitation to apply for the Canada PR visa.
  • The candidates who receive the ITA must submit the completed application form along with the supporting documents within the stipulated time.

The Canada Express Entry Process time Period:

In most of the cases, the average processing time will be around 6 months from the date it is received. But the Canada Express Entry processing time may vary from case to case. The average processing time depends on certain factors like the country of residence, type of application, completeness of the application etc. It must be noted that the processing time will not include the time that one takes to submit the expression of interest and receipt of the invitation to apply. It also does not include the time that one takes to prepare the documents, submit the application etc.

Getting confused with the CRS score concept? Consult an immigration consultant!

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