Is it easy to get student visa for Canada?

How to get student visa for Canada?

Whether it be immigrating to Canada or getting a study visa, we indeed know the process is difficult and full of hustling-bustling. People are always jumbled up between what would be the perfect & how to get the best for them at ease. We have tried to explain it in the following blog.

Student Visa for Canada is one of the most renowned & trending topics nowadays. Every year a lot of aspiring students apply for a student visa to Canada. But out of those hundreds of applications, only a few manage to get shortlisted & get the student visa for Canada. Therefore, we can say that getting a student visa for Canada is not at all an easy task. One has to secure a lot of documents and documents ( verified ) to get a visa ( student) for Canada. In the next paragraph in the following blog, we will understand the student Visa for Canada & Process in detail:

Canada Study Visa Fees in Indian Rupees

As millions of students apply for a student visa to Canada, it becomes very important for all of them to learn the basic details about the Canada Study Visa Fees in Indian Rupees as this enables them to measure the further costs associated with it.

Although there is no specific mention of the Canadian student visa fees in Indian Rupees, it largely depends on the fact how much fees are decided by the embassy & what are the additional costs; the cost which mainly included the service fees that you get from an immigration consultant. The application fees along with the service fees decide the Canada study Visa fees in Indian Rupees. Again, the service fees can vary from one consultant to the other.

This being said, if we take an average, then we can say that the average cost that is needed for a study visa will be somewhat between 5,000 – 6,000 ( it can largely vary in number).

Canada Study Visa Process

The concern for the entire application procedure of getting a study visa for Canada is most common among those who want to study in Canada. At times, this application process could exactly be brain-storming. So here, we have tried to bring you some basic information regarding the application procedure for a study visa in Canada to get you some help. And thus, we would like you to read certain points highlighted below before applying for a study in Canada.

The following are the documents needed to apply For Canada study Visa.

  • A statement of Purpose

  • Funds in your Bank Account or your Sponsors Bank Account

  • GIC

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Letter of Acceptance

  • Language Proficiency Certificate

  • Recent Character Certificate

  • Health Insurance

  • Payment Confirmation Slip 

Top Universities/Colleges to Study in Canada

  • University of Toronto

  • McGill University

  • University of British Columbia

  • University of Alberta

  • University of Montreal

  • McMaster University

  • University of Waterloo

  • Western University

  • University of Calgary

  • Queen’s University

  • Dalhousie University

  • University of Ottawa

  • Simon Fraser University

  • University of Victoria

  • Laval University

  • University of Saskatchewan

  • Concordia University

  • York University

  • University of Quebec

  • University of Guelph

Important Points to Remember while studying in Canada

Your duty & responsibility just doesn’t come to an end after having access to a Visa. With a study visa to Canada comes some sort of responsibilities & have to make sure that you will cope with the Canadian law during your study period & will not do anything against it. This exactly needs to be performed solely by every student holding a Canada Study Visa. Every visa holder is entitled to give the consent to embrace all the rules, regulations, and responsibilities of being a temporary resident against the basic rights and freedom allotted to them as temporary residents:

  1. Every temporary resident or study visa holder is an entity to respect the nation and works according to the constitution of the country.

  2. Must at any cost compromise with the security, integrity, and interests in favour of the nation.

  3. Every student studying in Canada on a visa should show the utmost respect toward the nation’s flag and national anthem.

  4. Should strive towards excellence in the allotted sphere of activities of the individual.

  5. Must ensure the security of Public property.

  6. Should exactly follow the constitution and follow essential ideas of the Country, Canada.

  7. Every city should try to promote Harmony and a sense of mutual brotherhood and
    understanding amongst all the people of Canada regardless of their caste, creed, or religion.

  8. To protect and safeguard the natural environment of the Country.

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Canada is one of the best places for you to pursue higher education. Most Canadian Institutions provide 100% internships to every student as it strongly believes internships have a great role to play to give a break to your career. Along with it, Canada also provides you all with good networking. And all these certainly help you to get a job at one of the prestigious organizations in the country as well as abroad.

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