How to get Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

How to get Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

Those who want to make a career in Canada will obviously need a valid visa which will allow them to stay in Canada and work there for years together. The best thing to do is to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa because according to some of the most reputed immigration consultants in India like IRA immigration, a PR visa gives one plenty of benefits which other visas do not offer.

Want a PR visa? Then know the procedure!

All those people who want to settle down in Canada must first know how they can apply for the Canada PR Visa. One of the first things that you need to do is to select the correct visa category. One of the most popular categories is the Express Entry Program. There are a number of other categories as well. In order to be sure under which category you can apply it is better to seek the opinion of good immigration consultants like IRA immigration. Based on the visa category that you select, the documentation and other formalities will have to be fulfilled. In some cases, you may have to submit proof of funds and in some cases, you may need sponsorship letter. There are categories where you will need to submit scores of language proficiency test, ECA report, documents that show your experience in a relevant field etc. All these formalities will depend on the visa category.

Here’s why you must go for the PR visa!

If you ask any immigration consultant of good reputation like IRA immigration as to why one must preferably opt for Canada Permanent Resident Visa, they will say that the answer is simple! This PR card gives the person a large number of benefits which other visas do not offer. The benefits include a chance to reside, work and study in Canada, chance to apply for citizenship in the future, an array of medical and social benefits, protection of the law of the country and many other such benefits. The list is endless. So definitely opting for a permanent residency of Canada will be one of the wisest choices. For detailed information why not visit the IRA immigration office in Delhi? Their dedicated team who exclusively looks into Canada visa formalities will not only provide all the detailed information but will also guide you in the best possible way so that you can complete all the formalities easily. So go ahead apply for a permanent visa to Canada today.

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