Canada Express entry System

Canada Express entry System

Skilled workers who want a ticket to migrate to Canada have to compete for one of the best immigration programme which is based on the point based system. If you want to know all the details about this programme then speak to immigration consultants like IRA and enquire about the Canada Express entry System. With the help of this program the Canadian government selects those skilled candidates whom they find eligible for coming and working in Canada and sends an invitation to these candidates to apply for the permanent residency of Canada.

Who can apply for Canada Express Entry programme?

The Canada Express entry System is a point based system. The points are calculated depending on different factors. These factors range from age to qualify to work experience. To get a complete list of all the features based on which the points are calculated can be obtained from immigration consultants like IRA immigration. Language test report and educational credential assessment reports are also mandatory. It should be noted that these reports have validity for only a few years. Medical and character certificates, EOI etc are also needed. Along with all these documents the applicant has to have a minimum score of 67 points. More the points better is your chance of getting invitation to apply for the visa. In order to get counselling on how to score maximum points in this point based system, speak to an experienced consultant at IRA immigration.

The procedure is long so start working now:

For the Canada Express entry System the candidate has to go through preliminary procedures of getting the different reports. Then they need to create an online profile and get assessed for the competitive ranking system which is based on different factors. The candidate should keep in mind that factors like Canadian State sponsorship, offer letter from Canadian employer etc will improve their chances of getting the invitation to apply for the visa. Selected candidates have 60 days to apply for the residency. This is one of the best immigration programmes, but it has an exhaustive procedure. It is important that you have good understanding of the procedure before you apply for the point based system. Walk into the office of IRA immigration which is located in Delhi to get the complete details about the procedure. They will update you with all the details so that you can be better equipped for applying for the canada express entry programme and your chances of getting the invite for the PR will also improve.

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