Canada PR Visa from India – Canadian Permanent Residency

Canada PR Visa from India – Canadian Permanent Residency

As we know, Canada is undoubtedly one of the best countries to move to due to many reasons. The relatively lenient policies for immigrants, lower levels of environmental pollution, better opportunities for work and growth, and better lifestyle are only some of the reasons why Canada is a favourite among many Indians. A Canada PR Visa is a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa. The holder of this Visa is given a Permanent Resident Status on immigration to Canada, although it is not the same as a Citizenship. It is different from the temporary residency visa which allows one to be a temporary resident in Canada, such as a student visa. A Permanent Resident is given a PR Card as proof of the Permanent Resident Status.

Benefits of Being a Canada PR Visa Holder

    • PR Visa holders can apply for a citizenship in Canada.
    • They can also live or work anywhere in Canada.
    • They are eligible for some of the social benefits that Canadian citizens also get.

    Basic Requirements for Applying

    Anyone applying for a Canada PR Visa from India should at least possess these basic requirements.

      • Original documents such a educational degrees, proof of identification etc, as well as their photocopies.
      • Results of Language Proficiency tests and skill test.
      • Educational Credential Assessment
      • Funds’ proof and additional fees.
      • Any other document as per the given visa requirements.

      How to Apply for a Canada PR Visa

      Depending on what suits you the best, you may apply for a Canada PR Visa under one of the given programs. Remember that it is very important to know which category you will be applying from. The requirements for each of these programs may be different.

        • Self Employed Persons Program
        • Start-up Visa – This is for people who have a startup idea and the required funds.
        • Skilled Immigrants Program is meant for who possess certified skills.
        • Quebec Skilled Workers Program for investors and entrepreneurs.
        • Provincial Nominee Program
        • Sponsorship Program

        IRA Immigration

        There are many consultancy services that provide support and guidance at every stage of the application process IRA Immigration consultants help you understand every detail about the process, about each of the programs and from which one you should apply. You can even receive further details from them such as applying for citizenship and so on, thereby making the process of obtaining a Canada PR Visa from India a lot easier.

        Free Immigration Assessment

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