Best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

IRA Immigration enjoys assisting students who want to study in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and other countries by providing Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi and education placement assistance.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi and throughout India to assist students in realizing their dreams of obtaining an excellent education and a rewarding career.

Best study abroad consultants in Delhi can assist you in selecting courses and educational institutions. Students’ educational goals are realized by assisting them with application papers, easing the application process, providing financial advice for student visas, visa application assistance, pre-departure aid, and on-site assistance (Accommodation, Health Insurance & More).

IRA Immigration best study abroad consultants in Delhi will help you in any way possible, including English Proficiency Test Coaching (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE & SAT More). IRA Immigration not only helps students with their applications, but we also stay in touch with them until they arrive at their final destination.

Why do students in Delhi choose to study abroad?

  • Parents always hope for the best for their children. They believe that an overseas qualification would be beneficial in this regard. Although studying abroad is expensive, students and their parents consider it a good investment for the following reasons.

  • More advanced study programs and educational facilities are available in other countries.

  • Students’ global exposure helps them develop a broader perspective on life.

  • Qualifications from a reputable university add value to a student’s resume when looking for work.

  • Overseas education allows students to pursue more rewarding and rewarding career opportunities.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are the most popular destinations for international education. This is because these countries allow students to work part-time and do internships while studying. Students earn money in addition to receiving an education in this manner. Furthermore, when it comes to immigration, countries such as Canada and Australia prefer candidates to study or work there. This factor encourages students to think about studying abroad.

Choose the best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Students in Delhi contact international education consultants to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. The consultant’s help students choose the best study program, the best institution offering the program in the country to which they want to immigrate, and their future career options. They also detail the fees and other expenses that will be incurred. Furthermore, study abroad consultants assist students in easily completing admission forms, organizing documents, and applying for travel visas to their desired country.

How to choose the best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi?

Best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi

Best study abroad consultants in Delhi should provide specialized services to assist students in selecting a suitable study program, the appropriate institution, and the country to study. The following factors must be considered when choosing an overseas study consultant:

Knowledge: The consultant should be highly competent and thoroughly understand international education. It is prudent to conduct a background check on the consultants to ensure that they are professionals with the knowledge to guide and assist you properly.

Experience: Choose a study abroad consultant in Delhi with prior experience in providing consultancy services. Furthermore, they should be knowledgeable enough to answer all related questions and provide solutions.

Profile Assessment: Based on your qualifications, academic performance, and career goals, an education consultant must recommend a suitable study program. A skilled consultant should be able to deal with the following issues effectively:

  • Understanding your background, aptitude, and interests through student counselling.

  • Program Selection – Recommending – a suitable course relevant to your interests, the right university that offers the course, the country of study, the applicable fees, and prospects.

  • Admission Process – Assisting in applying for admission and completing the necessary documents.

  • Scholarship/Bursary Assistance – Providing information on financial aid available to you if needed.

  • Loan Assistance – Information on loans available from banks and financial institutions for overseas education.

  • Visa Process – Assisting with the application for a student visa after admission.

  • Pre-Landing Services – Informing you about your destination country’s culture, language, and currency.

  • Post-Landing Services – Assisting with opening a bank account, obtaining a social security number, obtaining a driver’s license, and so on upon arrival in the country.

  • Immigration Legal Services – Provides legal assistance with immigration in the country of study.

Why choose IRA Immigration as Your best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

IRA Immigration is a foreign immigration and education consultancy run by highly qualified professionals. We are unique in that we offer study-to-immigrate programs. We assist students in settling down in the countries where they will be studying permanently. IRA Immigration provide immigration services such as obtaining study visas, work visas for spouses, sponsoring families and parents, permanent residency, citizenship, etc.

Our visa application success rate for students going to Canada is nearly 60%. To reduce the chances of visa refusal, we hire Canadian immigration lawyers to file your visa applications. Each student visa application is also supported by an appropriate submission letter from our Canadian immigration lawyers.

We help students realize their dream of studying abroad by assisting them with the necessary paperwork. From filling out the application for admission to obtaining a student visa, our expert overseas study professionals will advise, guide, and assist you. IRA Immigration is a trustworthy abroad education consultant in India who will guide you to success.

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