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For your higher studies if you are having plans to study abroad then this can give a boost to your career. But for this, you have to complete many formalities like you need to get admission to a good foreign university and then apply for a student visa. All these are time-consuming processes and you need to take advice from the best study abroad consultants.

Consult with the best Study abroad consultants to know about the documentation procedure:

If you want to study abroad then there you have to ensure that you complete the documentation procedure correctly.

  • Application form of the foreign University:

You first have to decide the course that you want to pursue and in which country and which university you want to pursue your higher studies.

Based on this decision you have to submit the online application form. Keep in mind that you need to fill out the application form correctly and give genuine information and double-check the form before you click on the submit button.

  • Statement of Purpose:

Next, we come to the most important component of your application and that is the Statement of Purpose. In this, you have to give details about your background and why you want to pursue the selected course. You also have to mention the reasons for choosing the university and also give details about your career goals.

Remember that foreign universities receive lakhs of applications every year and if you want your application to stand out in these lakhs of applications then having an effective statement of purpose is very important. You can get tips from reputed Study abroad consultants for writing the statement of purpose in the best possible way.

  • Academic transcripts:

You can call academic transcripts a consolidated mark sheet that gives an insight into the academic performance of the applicant. You need to approach your University for an academic transcript.

  • Letter of Recommendation:

This is also an important document that you have to submit along with your application form and you can get a letter of recommendation from your professor or your manager. This letter of recommendation gives details about your academic performance, your skills etc. This letter helps the admission council understand the calibre of the student.

  • Curriculum Vitae:

This paper gives complete details about your academic background, your work experience, your skills etc  It is important that the student gives complete information about all the degrees, certificates, internships etc in the CV.

  • Submission of language tests scores:

Most foreign countries insist on IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test scores. The student must have a high IELTS score as it shows that the student is well versed in the English language. For some countries and some courses, one may have to submit the SAT or GRE scores.

Take a look at the formalities to complete for applying for the student visa:

If you want to study abroad then one of the most important requirements is to get a student visa to the country where you want to study. The student visa formalities for different countries are different.

Here we shall discuss the basic aspects of a student visa so that the aspirant gets an idea about the formalities that need to be completed.

Eligibility criteria of the student visa:

Before you apply for the student visa you have to check the eligibility criteria because only if you are eligible then you can apply for the student visa.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is apply to a foreign university and if the university accepts your application then it will issue a letter of acceptance. Remember that the letter of acceptance is one of the most important documents for a student visa. The letter of acceptance has to come from a designated university that is recognized by the immigration department.

  2. The student also needs to prove that he has enough funds to pay the fees of the course and that he can also support himself during his stay in the country.

  3. The applicant has to submit the police verification certificate to show that he does not have any criminal background.

  4. The student also has to submit a medical certificate to show that he is in the best of health

Documentation formalities for the student visa application:

  • For applying for a student visa the applicant must have a valid passport. So, if you do not have a passport or if your passport is due to expire then the first thing that you have to do is submit your passport issue or renewal application.

  • The next important document is your letter of acceptance from the designated foreign university.

  • The applicant also has to submit passport size photographs that are as per the requirements.

  • Other documents like the police verification certificate and medical certificate also have to be submitted by the applicant.

  • All the documents that are needed to prove that the applicant has enough funds also have to be submitted by the applicant.

  • The applicant also has to submit the English language proficiency test scores and the applicant must try to get a higher score on the English language proficiency test.

These are some of the basic documents that the student is expected to submit along with the student visa application. One important thing to remember here is that the student may be requested to submit certain other additional documents depending on the country where he plans to pursue higher studies. Whatever documents are requested by the visa authorities the applicant has to submit the same as only then his visa application will get processed. To get a better idea about the documents that are needed for the student visa application it is better to connect with one of the reliable Study abroad consultants.

Get all information about the visa fees and processing time of the student visa:

Two more important aspects that have to be considered by the applicant for the student visa are the fees that have to be paid and the processing time of the student visa. The applicant must check the exact amount that needs to be paid and he will have to pay the fees while applying.

The processing time of the student visa depends on the country and also it may vary for different applicants. It is always better to apply for a student visa in advance to avoid any issues at a later stage.

The role of immigration consultants in student visa application:

As you can see that many formalities have to be completed in the case of a student visa application. These formalities are confusing and if the student misses out on any aspect then his visa application can get rejected and the visa fees will not be refunded.

If the visa application is rejected then the applicant has to reapply for the visa and he will again have to pay the visa fees. If you want to avoid all these hassles then it is better to take assistance from Study abroad consultants.

The immigration consultants provide all the guidance that the student in applying for the student visa. The consultants assist in completing the documentation process in the best possible way and they are there to provide answers to all the queries that the applicant has about the student visa.

Here is how the immigration consultant can assist students in applying for the student visa:

  • The student visa experts first analyse the application of the student and take into account different aspects like the course which the student wants to pursue, the country and university where the student wants to study etc.

  • Next, the immigration experts check whether the applicant is eligible to apply for a student visa of that country.

  • If the applicant is not eligible then the expert tells the student what changes and improvements are needed so that the student can become eligible to apply for the student visa.

  • In the case of eligible candidates, the expert tells the candidate about the documents that have to be submitted and the process that has to be followed to apply for the student visa.

Always opt for a professional study abroad consultant:

It is of paramount importance that you choose only one of the most reliable Study abroad consultants who have been providing the best services for the past many years. Take into account the track record and the success rate of the immigration company. The best visa experts make sure that the student can apply for the student visa within the turnaround time.

IRA immigration is one such professional visa company that has been providing exemplary visa and immigration services for many years. They have a highly successful and commendable track record. Their team of professional visa experts is highly qualified and well-versed in the visa and immigration formalities of different countries.

If you are dreaming of studying abroad in one of the best universities then there are many formalities that you have to complete. Get the complete details about the student visa from IRA immigration. Connect with the IRA immigration & visa experts right away.

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