Hiring The Best PR Visa Agent: Things To Know

Hiring The Best PR Visa Agent: Things To Know

Canada is country that is most chosen for Indians specifically who wish to settle out. This is because the immigration policies are not very strict and stringent and immigration is easy for people who are qualified and wish to settle for a good standard of lifestyle. There are various immigration plans that are available for obtaining a permanent resident visa in Canada. Express entry system, Quebec skilled worker program, and provincial nominee programs are to name a few. Most of these factors consider age, qualification, gender, family members, education and work experience in account. Hence, most of them are point based systems.

Permanent Resident Card

Permanent resident card or PR card permits an immigrant to work and reside in Canada legally. The card is submitted back to the immigration office at Canada once the immigrant is leaving the country. PR Card is provided to people who are not the citizens of the country but can avail all benefits.

Benefits to the permanent resident

There are number of benefits that are provided to the PR card holders, some of them are:

  • The PR card holder can study, work, and live anywhere in Canada.
  • The PR card holder is protected under the Canadian law system.
  • Health benefits and various other medical incentives are provided to the card holder, which a normal Canadian resident receives
  • The PR card holder is eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Best PR visa agent in Delhi

No immigration form can pass on with successful application without the guidance of an immigration consultancy service. If you are aspiring to settle in Canada and work or study there. IRA immigration is the most sought after PR visa agent known for its success stories of immigration. The company has team strictly dedicated to immigration processes related to Canada. IRA begins the process by evaluating the CV of the candidate.

IRA immigration has the reputation of serving applicants in immigration since 8 years. The history of success talks about the reputation of the company.

Not only to Canada, IRA immigration provides consultancy for New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America, Germany and other countries like these where immigration is high.

Why choose us for Canada PR Visa?

The Canada PR Visa Experts at IRA understand how tedious and complex immigration procedure is. Hence, the first and the foremost step is to make the procedure as smooth as possible for the applicant. The procedure starts with thorough read of CV of the applicant. Then accordingly, the best program is suggested to opt for out of the available immigration plans. IRA immigration counselors are dedicated to their work hence each and every document is double checked for authenticity and verification, leaving no scope of rejection.

At times, IRA immigration also suggests some valuable feedback to the immigration applicants to further strengthen the application. All of this is conducted at affordable and competitive prices.

Your one stop to all your needs regarding the Canada immigration services is IRA. With years of experience and Best PR Visa Agent in this field, there is no stop to your dream to stay in Canada.

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