Canada Permanent Resident Visa From India | IRA Immigration

Canada Permanent Resident Visa From India | IRA Immigration

There are so many benefits to getting a Canadian permanent residency visa from India. This can be taken as the first step for citizenship. Canadian PR helps applicants to get the same benefits that Canadians are getting. People who get PR can live and work anywhere in Canada and do not have to work with any permits or restrictions from the employer.

Best ways to attain Canadian PR

  • One of the best ways to attain Canadian PR is the federal skilled worker’s program better known as the Canadian express entry system.
  • The federal skilled worker’s program is one of the best programs for aspiring immigrants to gain PR in Canada. It is a key part of the Canadian express entry system. The IRCC launched it in 2015. This program is a direct pathway to Canadian permanent residency. This visa also employs a point based system and requires you to get a points total of 67. Points are calculated on the basis of age, education, language proficiency, and work experience.
  • Educational proficiency
  • You will get the most points for a university degree at the doctoral Ph.D., this will land you 25 points. If you have a master’s degree this points tally will go down to 23. And for every subsequent dip in educational level the points allotted will go down.

Work Experience

Points allotment is very similar, with individuals having 6 or more years of experience getting 15 points. People having 4-5 years of experience will get 13 points and the lowest score is 9 allotted to candidates having a work experience of 1 year.


The points system is reversed with age and candidates with an age 21-35 will get the maximum points total of 12 and as the age increases the actual points allotted will go down

Language proficiency

English skills are mandatory for the federal skilled worker program. An IELTS score of at least 6.5 is enough to qualify but the better score will increase your chances of approval. Proficiency in the French language is also a plus.

Who can get this visa?

  • Have worked for a minimum of one year similar to applying occupation and fall in the occupation list disclosed by the immigration department of Canada. Another way is to have a job offer already arranged in the country
  • You should meet the minimum language criteria benchmark.
  • You should have an educational qualification that the job mandates and this should be assessed by the ECA.
  • Do not have any criminal conviction.
Through the express entry system, you can apply for 3 different categories of jobs. Management occupations, professional occupations, and technical or skilled occupations.

Can we help you get PR?

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