Why must you opt for Canada PR?

Why must you opt for Canada PR?

Are you looking out for options to migrate to settle in a foreign country? Then one of the best countries to settle down is Canada. The number of applications for Canada PR visa is increasing day by day. This shows that Canada is definitely one of the best countries to settle down.

What is so special about Canada?

There are a number of things due to which you must opt for Canada PR and settle down in Canada:

  • Climate of the country is really good
  • This is a clean and beautiful country
  • The quality of life is really very good
  • You will find people from different countries settling down in Canada
  • There are plenty of employment opportunities for the right candidate
  • There are many good universities, colleges and schools in Canada
  • The law and order situation of Canada is good
  • The country has a stable and strong economy
  • The crime ratio is low. This is a safe country for women and children

What are the options to migrate to Canada?

There are a number of different pathways through which one can migrate to Canada

  • You can apply for work permit
  • Students can apply for student visa
  • One of the best options is to apply for Canada PR

Why opt for Canada PR?

Canada permanent resident visa is one of the best ways to settle down to Canada. There are plenty of different visa categories through which the person can apply for the Canada PR.  One of the main reasons that more and more people want to apply for Canada permanent resident visa are the benefits of this visa.

The benefits of Canada PR:

A permanent resident can stay forever in Canada. Of course he will have to get his permanent resident visa renewed at regular intervals.

  • With this visa the person can work, study and stay anywhere in Canada
  • The permanent residents get a number of medical and social benefits
  • The permanent residents get protection under the Canadian law
  • The permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship in the future

Only thing that the Canada Permanent Resident does not get is:

  • Voting rights and participation in active politics of Canada
  • He cannot get certain government jobs which involves security concerns

Here is how you can apply for Canada PR Visa!

  • Get in touch with IRA immigration. They are one of the most reputed immigration consultants
  • They will go through your details. They will help you select the correct visa category
  • They will provide details about the requirements of the visa category
  • Make sure that you fulfil all the formalities of that visa category
  • Submit your visa application

IRA immigration has helped many people apply for Canada permanent resident visa. You too can take the advantage of their expertise and settle down in Canada.

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