Canada Permanent Resident visa from India

Canada bestows several benefits on its permanent residents and citizens, No wonder that it is a dream destination for many Indians. Every year a large number people apply for the Canada Permanent Resident visa from India. With more and more visa categories and plenty of advantages the number of applicants for the permanent resident visa for Canada has increased significantly.

Reasons to become permanent residents of Canada:

Those who are wondering whether they must apply for Canada Permanent Resident visa from India then here are some of the reasons why you must move there:

  • Canada has a strong and stable economy

  • The environment of the country is really good and it has a pleasant climate

  • The infrastructure of the country is by far the best

  • The country is safe to settle down with family. The crime rate of the country is low and the law and order situation is very good.

  • The people here are friendly and you will find that there are plenty of Indians who are settled down in Canada.

Benefits of the Canada permanent resident visa:

One of the main reasons that many people apply for Canada Permanent Resident visa from India is the benefits that they enjoy. The benefits are:

  • Work, study and stay anywhere in Canada

  • Stay in Canada as long as one wants to

  • Medical benefits

  • Plenty of social benefits

  • Protection under the Canadian law

  • Chance to apply for Canadian citizenship in the future

Step to apply for the Canada Permanent Resident visa from India:

  • There are a number of different visa categories. The candidate first needs to select the correct visa category

  • Each visa category will have its own requirements and formalities. The candidate must complete these formalities properly

  • There may be a need for additional documents depending on the visa category like medical certificate and character certificate. The candidate must submit all these documents

To avoid confusion consult IRA immigration:

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