Which country has the highest demand for Architects?

Is There A High Demand For Architects?

From 2020 to 2030, the employment of architects is expected to grow at a slower rate than the average for all occupations.  As a result of limited employment growth, architects will find 9,400 new jobs per year on average over the next ten years. Let discuss about in which country has the highest demand for Architects.

Architects are professionals who plan, design, and supervise building construction. The plans include the interior and exterior construction details of the building, such as air conditioning, electrical systems, plumbing, and communication systems. They usually provide preliminary estimates for the project’s cost and timeline. They also prepare drawings and draft documents using computer software (especially in this day and age) or, on occasion, their hands. They also go to the construction sites to ensure everything is going according to plan.

Architect salaries vary depending on factors such as location, job rank, years of experience, as well as tax, insurance, and legal costs. Because of the level of unemployment in one’s home country, it may be necessary for the individual to seek employment and professional development in another country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the industries with the highest level of employment for Architects and their annual wages include:

  • Architectural, engineering and related services – $88 970

  • Residential building construction – $85 820

  • Specialized design services – $84 260

  • Federal executive branch – $98 110

  • Non-residential building construction – 97 760.

which country has highest demand for architectHighest demand for architect in Canada

Education and Employment for Architects

A bachelor’s degree in architecture typically takes about five years to complete. Most Architects must complete an internship before entering the workforce. To be licensed, Architects must also pass the Architecture Registration Exam. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, it is recommended that they continue their education by obtaining a master’s degree. A master’s degree could take one to five years, depending on the institution, the student’s experience, and training.

Architects‘ employment is heavily reliant on the construction and building industries. Surprisingly, the industry ebbs and flows in tandem with economic growth. If the economy is slow, Architects may struggle to find work. In contrast, if the economy is booming, they will benefit. This is one of the reasons industry professionals are advised to relocate to countries with stable economies and high wage growth. They can also expect to advance in their careers due to this.

Among the nine best countries with high demand for architects, we found the United States of America, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates.

Below are some of the top countries with the highest demand for Architects:

  • United States of America

  • Switzerland

  • Singapore

  • Japan

  • United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • Norway

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Canada

Immigration to Canada as an Architect

There is currently a shortage of skilled labour in specialized fields such as construction in Canada. As a result, the country has launched several initiatives to recruit more hands from various countries to fill various skilled labourer positions.

The Canadian economy is one of the world’s most stable, with a high standard of living. Professionals in architecture who wish to migrate to Canada will enjoy career advancement and high quality of life if they possess these qualities. The expected increase in construction in Canada will increase the demand for architectural skills. Architects have more opportunities in rapidly growing provinces such as Saskatchewan and Alberta.

If you are not licensed and a full member of the regulatory body in the province or territory where you intend to work, you are not permitted to practice in Canada. However, if you work for a licensed employer, you do not need to obtain a license before beginning work. The Royal Architectural Institutes of Canada is the country’s national architectural body (RAIC).

Furthermore, you must be fluent in Advanced English or French to operate professionally with full force. However, this is dependent on your destination. You may need to enrol in language classes in your home country to improve your language skills.

In Canada, the average salary for an architect is $60 000. The most money is earned by those who live and work in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. In Canada, over 17 000 Architects are employed.

Job Description (NOC 2151/21200)

Architects work in construction, designing and constructing new spaces within and around buildings. They also assist in the restoration and conservation of historic structures and the development of new uses for existing structures. They are involved in the construction planning process from the beginning to the end.

Average salary in Canada: $95k CAD annual.

Canadian Architect Requirements

To work as an architect in Canada, a CACB Academic Certification is required before proceeding to the Internship in Architecture Program and taking an official exam.

If you want to move to Canada as an architect and have practised as a licensed/registered architect in another country but want to be licensed/registered in Canada, you may be eligible for the Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects Program.

Express Entry

Applying for Express Entry is the best option for Architects who want to move to Canada to pursue a career as an architect. Your score determines whether you are placed in the Canada Express Entry pool based on Express Entry. Individuals who are invited can migrate through employment and gain permanent residency.

Your Express Entry CRS Score is based on the following:

  • Age

  • Level of education

  • Language proficiency

  • Work experience

Which provinces has the highest demand for Architects?

The provinces with the most job opportunities in Canada are Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba. While demand for Architects is exceptionally high in large cities such as Toronto, there is also demand in other parts of these provinces. We can determine the demand for Architects per province/city by observing the job prospects of each province in conjunction with the number of Architects.

Toronto, London, and Hamilton are among Ontario’s most in-demand cities/regions.

The most popular cities/regions in Quebec are Montreal, Laval, and the Capitale-Nationale region.

These provinces each have a positive job outlook for the next decade and the highest architecture employment rates in Canada. Each province in Canada, however, has its distinct characteristics based on location, timing, and wages. 

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