Express Entry Canada – Key Features

  • Express Entry Canada – Key Features
  • Information about Canada Express Entry Immigration system

Skilled workers who have the required qualification can apply under the Federal Skilled Worker visa category. Federal Skilled Worker programme comes under the express entry system. 2 more programmes come under the express entry category. These are the Federal Skills Trade Programme and the Canadian experience class programme. Canada Express Entry Immigration is one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada.

  • Understanding the point-based system of the express entry:
  • One needs to have a proper understanding of the point-based system. The first step is the creation of the express entry profile. This has to be done online.
  • Now depending on different factors, the profile will be given some points.
  • Based on the points the candidate’s profile will be given a ranking.
  • Candidates with better ranking will naturally have an upper edge. They will have better chances of selection in the express entry draw.
  • The candidates who are selected in the express entry draw will be given the invitation to apply for the permanent visa.
  • The candidates have to make sure that they submit the online application for the PR visa and all the supporting documents at the earliest. They need to do this within 60 days of receipt of the invitation to apply for the visa.
  • The point allocation in the Canada Express Entry Immigration programme:
  • There are different factors that influence the point system
  • When a candidate is applying under the Federal Skilled Worker programme then the point allocation is based on Core or Human capital factors, skills transferability factors and the candidate can also score some additional points based on certain special factors.
  • The total number of points is 1200 and the candidate has to aim to get as many points as possible.
  • But there are some factors which the candidate cannot influence. For example, in the human capital factors, points are allocated based on age. The candidates who are less than 18 years or more than 45 years will not get any points in the age criteria. Now age is something that the candidate cannot influence.
  • But in the core or human capital factors, there are some factors where the candidate can try and score more points. For example, he can get a better score in the English language proficiency test or candidates with Masters Degree will get more points as compared to the one with Bachelors degree etc.
  • In the Skills transferability, the candidate can score a maximum of 100 points. There are 5 combinations and in each case, the candidate can get a maximum of 50 points.
  • In the case of additional points, the candidate has a chance to score extra bonus points. If the candidate gets the provincial nomination then he can get an additional 600 points. Proficiency in French language and having a sibling in Canada who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada can also help the candidate score additional points.
  • Make sure that you have all the documents with you:
  • There are several documents that the candidate will have to submit if he wants to get the PR visa.
  • The candidate will have to submit the medical examination certificate in order to prove that he is in good health.
  • The candidate will also have to submit the police verification certificate in order to prove that he has a good character and is not a potential danger to Canada.
  • The candidate will also have to submit proof of funds.
  • Those candidates who have completed their education from foreign universities will have to submit the Education Credential Report in order to prove that the degree is at par with Canadian universities.
  • Depending on the programme and the requirement the candidate may be asked to submit documents other than the ones that are mentioned above
  • Consult IRA immigration for best guidance:

The procedure to apply under the Canada Express Entry system is a long one. There is a possibility that a person may get confused. But there is nothing to worry if you contact us. We have years of experience in visa and immigration industry. You can be rest assured that a dedicated team of Canada visa and immigration experts will provide the best assistance.

  • Here is how we can help you:
  • Our experts will study your profile and will tell you about your probable chances of selection.
  • They will provide assistance in the creation of the express entry profile. They will also tell the candidate about the measures that the candidate needs to take in order to get more points. Better points will naturally give a boost to the ranking of the candidate.
  • If the candidate gets the invitation to apply then our experts will also provide assistance for submitting the application for the permanent residence visa.
  • If you need information about provincial nomination Programs or about any other Canadian visa category then too you can contact us. We will provide the latest information about all the visa categories.
  • We will provide all the latest and correct information about the visa procedures and formalities.

Planning to apply for Canada Express Entry Immigration system? Then for getting the correct details contact us. You can call us or you can come to our office and meet our immigration experts personally. Get in touch with us right away for more details.

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