What Is The Minimum CRS Score For Alberta?

What Is The Minimum CRS Score For Alberta?

Not everyone who dreams to settle down in Canada can score well in the express entry system. Not everyone can get selected in the express entry draw. But that does not mean that you cannot move to Canada. There are other options that you can explore and one such option is moving to Alberta. But for this you first need complete details about aspects like the CRS score for Alberta.

Provincial Nominee Programme- An excellent option to get Canadian PR:

If you find that you are not eligible for the express entry programme then you must check the option of provincial nomination.

  • Every province including Alberta has its own provincial nominee programme. This is designed keeping in mind the specific labour market requirement of that province.
  • The candidate has to first apply for the provincial nomination of the province where he wants to settle down. The authorities will check the application and if the candidate is eligible then he will be granted the provincial nomination.
  • Once the candidate gets the provincial nomination then he had to apply for the Canada PR visa.
  • Candidates who have applied for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme which is based on the express entry system can also apply for the provincial nomination. If the candidate gets the provincial nomination then he will get additional 600 points and his selection in the express entry draw is almost ascertained.

Alberta-One of the easiest province to get PR in Canada:

Alberta is one province where getting the PR is easier as compared to other provinces. That does not mean that there is no competition but as compare to other provinces it is easier to apply for the provincial nomination of this province.

  • First of all this province does not have any specific occupation list. Skilled workers from different backgrounds can apply for the Alberta Nominee programme without any problems.
  • The requirement of CRS score for Alberta is also less as compared to other provinces. If you have scored around 300 points and more even then you can apply in the Alberta PNP draw.
  • In the latest Alberta PNP draw candidates who had a profile in the express entry pool and who had a CRS score of 300 points were able to apply.
  • So as you can see as compared to other provinces it is easy to apply for the Alberta provincial nomination.

Keen to move to Alberta? Then here is what you must do:

Now that you know that the CRS score for Alberta is less there is no harm trying to apply for the Alberta provincial nomination programme.

  • All that you have to do is make sure that you have all the documents that you will have to submit in case you are selected in the draw.
  • Just go ahead and create your express entry profile and check if you have a score of 300 points or more.
  • If you are selected then you will get the Alberta provincial nomination and then you can easily apply for the Canada PR.

Take assistance for applying for the Alberta nominee programme:

If you are not sure about the procedure that needs to be completed to apply for the Alberta PNP then it is better that you take assistance from professionals. Make sure that you connect with one of the best visa and immigration companies which is known to provide the best assistance. The experts will check your profile and they will tell you about the procedure that needs to be completed.

IRA immigration- The best visa and immigration company in India:

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If you want to apply for the Albertal Provincial Nominee Programme but have no idea about the CRS score for Alberta and other formalities then don’t worry. Just get in touch with the visa experts of IRA immigration. This company has a dedicated team of experts for Canada immigration. These experts will provide the best assistance and they will make sure that you complete all the formalities of Alberta PNP.

In these days we are ready to help who want to migrate to Canada on PR visa.

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