USA Tourist Visa For Indians

Who would not like to visit the land of Disney, the place where Hollywood is? Who would not like to explore the super power of the world? Well then why don’t you apply for a USA Tourist Visa For Indians ? This visa will let you explore this wonderful country which is one of the most enchanting places in the world. To learn about the formalities involved consult IRA immigration, which provides superb visa and immigration services.

Apply for the B1/B2 visa today!

While the B1 visa is mainly for official and business activities, the B2 visa is mainly for tourists and for medical treatments etc. When one applies for USA Tourist Visa For Indians, they normally get a combined B1/B2 visa. What one needs to remember is, that this is strictly a tourist visa and one cannot work or study in USA if they have this visa. It is important that you abide by this rule, failing which you will have to face serious consequences.

The application procedure:

To get detailed information about the application procedure of USA Tourist Visa For Indians you can consult an immigration specialist that is IRA immigration. They will give you detailed information about the same as they have years of experience in this area and have a truly experienced and knowledgeable team. Basically, you have to fill up the DS 160 form and take its print out along with the barcode. Photograph needs to be uploaded and visa fees needs to be paid online or by bank transfer. The visa authorities will scan the fingerprints of the applicant and will take his picture. The applicant has to finally attend the interview. During the interview the applicant has to give all details like purpose of visit etc correctly and has to convince the visa authorities that he will return back to India before the visa expires. The visa authorities have to get convinced otherwise your application may get rejected. The procedure is complicated and it may be difficult to get past the interview level. So it is always better to take expert advice. For the residents of Delhi the best expert is without any doubt IRA immigration which has been in this field for several years. Their experienced and qualified team of visa consultants are always willing to help the applicants in the best possible way. Approach IRA immigration today for all your queries regarding immigration and visas for different countries.

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