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Study Abroad Counselling

When you decide to pursue your higher education in a foreign country then one of the most important things is to get the right guidance. For this, you have to connect with a reputed company like IRA immigration which can provide the right study abroad counselling.

First, take a look at how to apply for a course in a foreign university!

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You have to first decide which country and in which foreign university you plan to pursue your higher education. The procedure to apply can be different for different universities but some basic aspects are the same in most cases.

  • First, make a list of the designated universities that are offering the course that you want to study in the country where you plan to pursue your higher studies.

  • A designated foreign university is a university that has been recognised by the immigration department of the country.

  • After that, you have to apply for the course at the foreign university and along with the application form you have to submit certain important documents. To get a better idea about the documents that have to be submitted connect with Study abroad consultants that offer study abroad counselling.

  • A statement of purpose is one the important documents and this document must be well written

  • The applicant also has to submit the transcripts which give complete details about the academic performance of the candidate.

  • The applicant also has to submit a resume and in this, he has to submit all the details of the education internship etc.

  • 2 letters of recommendation also have to be submitted by the applicant along with the application form.

  • The applicant has to give the details of the proof of funds to show that he can pay the course fees.

  • A medical certificate also has to be submitted by the applicant to show that he does not suffer from any contagious disease and is in good health

  • It is also mandatory in the case of some countries to submit a police verification certificate to show that the candidate is of a sound character and does not have any criminal records.

  • The English language proficiency test scores also have to be submitted by the applicant for getting admission to a foreign university.

If the foreign university decides to give admission to the student then the university will give the student the letter of acceptance and once this letter is obtained then the student has to apply for a student visa.

The basics of student visa procedure:

  • The letter of acceptance from the designated foreign university is very important for a student visa and you have to submit this letter along with the student visa application form.

  • A valid passport is also an important document and the applicant also has to submit photographs that are as per the specifications.

  • The applicant has to submit proof of funds to show that he can pay the course fees and he can also support himself during his stay in the country.

  • The applicant has to submit a medical certificate and police verification certificate for the student visa.

  • The applicant has to pay the visa application fees and the receipt of the same has to be submitted. One important point to be noted here is that the visa fees are non-refundable. So if your visa application is rejected due to any reason then the visa fees will not be refunded to you.

Get the best study abroad counselling from IRA immigration:

  • As you can see that many formalities have to be completed when the student wants to study abroad. All this can be very confusing for the student and therefore he must connect with experts who offer study abroad counselling.

  • IRA immigration is one company that can offer the best assistance to students who want to study abroad. They have experts who are well versed in the student visa formalities of the different countries. This company has an excellent track record and they have assisted many students to apply for a student visa.

  • When you approach IRA immigration they will first take into account aspects like the country where you want to study and the course that you want to pursue.

  • Next, the experts will check if you are eligible to apply for a student visa in that country. If you are eligible then the experts will tell you about the formalities that have to be completed and the documents that have to be submitted.

  • IRA immigration experts make sure that every student gets the right assistance.

So, for study abroad, counselling gets in touch with IRA immigration consultancy at the earliest. This is one of the best student visa experts and they have one of the best teams of experts who provide the right assistance.

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