Quebec Skilled Workers Programme Learn If You Are Eligible

Quebec Skilled Workers Programme Learn If You Are Eligible

If anyone is looking to immigrate to a country for a better job, education, and work life, Canada is the most suited country. The country is popular for its good work ethics and work-life balance. It boasts about its good standard of living and quality of education. No wonder, Canada is regarded as the 7th happiest country of the world while India is amongest the least happiest country and ranks at position 133. Such parameters forces immigrants move to Canada for a good life.

Canada on the other hand is presently keen on accepting immigrants based on the job profile, education, age, work experience, and skills. As for now the rules of immigration, procedure is not very stringent but is complex. This makes it an ideal situation for any immigrant who is looking for better job and education opportunities outside the country.

The immigration procedure is a bit complex for the fact that there are different programmes via which the immigration application can be formed. Following are the programs:

  • Quebec Skilled Workers Programme
  • Express Entry System
  • Provincial Nominee Program

Quebec Skilled Workers Programme

The programme has been devised by Canada Federal Government and Government of Quebec. This programme allows highly educated and skilled foreign immigrants to immigrate to Quebec and live and work there. Applicants are assessed on a number of factors on the basis of skills and points are allocated to them. On the basis of the points scored, the applicants are provided Quebec Selection Certificate. Using this certificate, the applicant can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Quebec Skilled Worker Selection Factors

The Quebec Immigration selection factors may be summarized as follows:

EducationUpto 14 points
Area of trainingUpto 12 points
Validated Employment OfferUpto 14 points
Work ExperienceUpto 8 points
AgeUpto 16 points
Language ProficiencyUpto 22 points
Stay and family in QuebecUpto 8 points
Spouse/common-law partner charactersticsUpto 17 points
Presence of accompanying childrenUpto 8 points
Financial self sufficiency1 point

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The market today is flooded with immigration consultancies that boast about successful immigration. The best way is to look upon the history of successful immigration applications. IRA immigration consultancy is popular across Delhi/NCR for its successful history of immigration procedures. Each application is reviewed and scrutinized so well that there is no scope of rejection. The best of suggestions and solutions are provided to the clients on one-on-one basis. IRA immigration has been running successfully in terms of immigration of New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

Some key features offered by IRA immigration

Each and every application is provided with personalized solutions and suggestions depending upon the type of the case, but there are few services that are same for each and every applicant irrespective of the immigration country:

  • Application Pre Assessment
  • Documentation Assistance
  • Letter Drafting
  • Assistance in Visa Application Filing
  • Resume Rebuilding
  • Refusal Case Analysis and Re-filing

Visa Follow up with Immigration Office via email, phone calls, etc

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