Looking for Canada PR visa from India

Looking for Canada PR visa from India

PR visa stands for a permanent resident visa and there is a lot of demand for these types of visas. Canada has a highly flexible immigration process and hence you find a lot of Indians applying for a permanent resident visa for Canada. The first and foremost step that a person looking for a Canada PR visa has to do is apply to Canada Immigration programs like Quebec skilled workers program (QSWP), Provincial nominee program (PNP) and many others. Usually, people having a permanent resident visa in Canada can live, study, work in Canada, are protected by Canadian laws and can apply for Canadian citizenship.

How to Apply Canada PR Visa from India?

The application for the  Canada PR visa is done online where the candidate has to submit his application called the expression of intent. The candidates should also get the required language score in either English or French. The processing time for a visa application is 6 months but there might be delays in verifying details and other things. When a candidate applies for a visa to Canada, his / her CRS (Comprehensive ranking score) is calculated. This score is calculated based on many factors like age of the applicant, educational qualification, skills, language proficiency, just to name a few. Higher you’re CRS score more are the chances of you getting your visa approved.

Necessary documents for Canada PR visa application

While applying for the Canada PR visa, make sure that you have the following set of documents ready.

  • Educational Credentials
  • Language test results
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Copies of educational certificates, personal identification documents
  • Any other document relating to your visa and many others.

Different Canada Immigration programs

There are many different programs for which you can apply for a PR visa to Canada.

  • Sponsorship programs
  • Start up visa
  • Self employed Persons Program
  • Provincial nominee program
  • Skilled immigrants program
  • Quebec skilled workers program (QSWP)


So, the first step to do while applying for a Canada PR visa is for you to select a suitable program, sponsorship program, self employed persons program or something else. Once you choose the program, get your documents ready. Every program has a few specific documents that the candidate needs to have. Next take the language assessment test, either in English or French. Once you are ready with all the documents apply for the visa. You will have to wait for a period of 6 months for the results. There are many companies that specialize in immigration, and one of them is IRA immigration.  They have expert knowledge when it comes to visa and immigration policies for countries like Canada, USA, UK, Denmark and others. Additionally, they offer their services at affordable prices. Good luck.

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