Canada PR Visa process step by step

Canada PR Visa process step by step

Canada is a good place to give a boost to your career. There is no dearth of opportunities for the skilled worker who has the right qualifications. Such people must apply for the Canada PR visa from India. However, in order to apply one must know the exact Canada PR Visa process so that there are no problems while applying for the same.

The benefits that you draw from the Canada PR visa:

Before you check the procedure, it is important to understand the Canada PR Visa process it is important to understand the benefits that you can enjoy when you get the PR visa. This visa gives you the advantage to stay, work and study anywhere in Canada. You get protection under the Canadian law. You also get to medical and social benefits and you may also apply for the citizenship of Canada in the future.

The Canada PR visa Process:

One of the most important things is to select the correct visa category. There are a number of different visa categories for the permanent resident visa. The category that the candidate can select will depend on the person’s qualifications etc. The different categories are:
  • Skilled immigrants programme under which only professionally qualified people can apply and they need to go through a point based system for the same.
  • Self employed persons programme is for people who are self employed and can give a boost to the country’s economy
  • Provincial Nominee programme is for those who have got a nomination from any province of the country
  • Quebec skilled workers programme is for those who want to apply for the Quebec region
  • Start up visas are for those who wish to start a new business
  • Sponsorship programmes are for those who can get sponsorships from relatives who are already citizens of Canada

Each visa category has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled. Some common steps that the applicant needs to follow are:

  • Submission of language test results and educational credential assessment report
  • The original education certificates and documents
  • The candidate also needs to provide proof of funds to ensure that he or she has enough funds to survive in Canada
  • The applicant must have a clear police record and needs to be in good health.

IRA immigration for all details about PR visa Process for Canada:

As you can see that a lot depends on the type of visa category that one selects. The Canada PR Visa process will depend on the visa category. This can be rather confusing. The best thing that the applicant can do is approach IRA immigration for all the details. IRA immigration has Canada visa experts who will first analyse your exact requirements and then will tell you about the procedure that you need to follow. They will give you complete details about the documents and online and offline activities that you need to follow so that you can apply for the PR visa to Canada without any problems.

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