Looking for Canada Permanent Resident visa from India?

Looking for Canada Permanent Resident visa from India?

Canada is the most chosen country for permanent resident visa from India. This due the fact that immigration policies are not very stringent and there is a high employment rate. This makes the country, most suitable for raising a family.

There are various immigration plans that are available for obtaining a permanent resident visa in Canada. Express entry system, Quebec skilled worker program, provincial nominee programs are to name a few. However, there are certain factors that are taken into account since most of these programs follow a point based system.  Education, age, language, work experiences are a few factors that are looked into before selecting any immigration plans.

What is Canada permanent resident card?

The permanent residents of Canada receive a card that states that the individuals are permanent residents of the country. The card is to be presented after returning back to Canada. The card is provided to individuals who are not Canadian citizens, but are permitted to live, work or study anywhere in Canada.

Benefits to the Canada permanent resident

There are numerous benefits that are provided to the PR card holders, some of them are:
The PR card holder can study, work and live anywhere in Canada.
The PR card holder is protected under the Canadian law system.
Health benefits and various other medical incentives are provided to the card holder which a normal Canadian resident receives
The PR card holder is eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Canada Permanent Resident visa from India

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