Eligibility criteria for Canada Permanent Resident visa from India

Canada permanent residency visa is a good way enjoying a number of benefits in Canada. It gives you the advantage of staying, working and studying anywhere in Canada. It also gives the person a number of medical benefits and the permanent resident also gets complete protection under the Canadian law. So, one must opt for Canada Permanent Resident visa from India. But the question is what are the different criteria that one needs to fulfil in order to get the visa.

Understanding the requirements of the Canada Permanent Resident visa from India:

If you want Canada Permanent Resident visa from India then you have to first select the correct visa category. Once you have opted for the right category you will then have to complete the requirements as per that visa category. There will be some visa categories where you will have to obtain a good score in the language test. There are some categories like the Canada Express Entry Programme where one needs to score points in order to attain the visa. There are some categories of visa where one will have to submit documents like medical certificate and health certificate. Criteria for age etc also need to be followed in certain cases. So as you can see the eligibility for a particular type of visa will depend completely on the visa category that you select.

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