Is Interview Required For Canada Visa?

Is Interview Required For Canada Visa?

Lots of people intend to visit Canada for various reasons of their own. Some simply want to get a taste of the country as a tourist, while for most international students, Canada is a dream destination for higher studies. Then there are others who find the economic opportunities in the country ripe for their future growth and wish to immigrate here for longer periods. They may even hope to obtain a permanent residency in Canada later and settle down there.

The reasons may be varied but for all of these and many more, there is one common requirement that fails to change – each visitor to Canada is required to secure a visa. It may be tourist visa, student visa, work permit, or skilled immigrant visa but it’s a must. Now the visa application process involves fulfilling certain legal formalities. Most applicants are in doubt whether the application process would end with submission of documents or is there an interview phase too?
If you too share the same doubt and wish to get more clarification on this, keep reading this post for more.

Is Interview for Canada Visa Mandatory?

Generally speaking, Canada visa procedures do not mandate a separate and exclusive interview process. Most applicants have found success even without going through any formal interview for Canada visa. All that’s needed is the submission of all required documents in the correct order as well as all formalities for the process duly met.
However, this does not include certain exceptional cases where the candidate might be called for a brief interaction with the visa officer. This is usually demanded if the application submitted is incomplete or the immigration officer feels that some false or misleading information has been produced.

In this case, the immigration officer reserves the right to meet the applicant in person and get all their doubts and queries addressed. Only if the officer feels that the application satisfies all the prerequisites of the visa process, they may grant visa to the applicant. Otherwise, the latter may be asked to meet the visa immigration officer in person for some more clarifications on the matter.

Get Your Application in Perfect Order; Seek Help

Getting a Canada visa may not be very tough but the process does involve some very tedious formalities, some of which may be difficult to comprehend for a layperson as well. Besides, each application must be submitted with all the desired documents in the correct order, duly signed or notarised, wherever required, without any scope for error.

It’s only human to make mistakes, even if they happen unconsciously. However, an involuntary mistake in your application can result in visa denial too. It is for this reason that we recommend hiring professional assistance in the form of Canada visa consultants, who can guide you at every step of the application procedure with thorough expertise. We at IRA Immigration can help provide you a team of highly experienced and expert professional consultants to facilitate the visa application procedure, speed up visa processing time, and even assist you in procuring the visa in hand. Besides, if you have any doubts on whether or not an interview for Canada visa is needed, our consultants are the best people to seek guidance from in this matter. They are updated with all the formalities of the procedure and can guide you correctly.

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