How Long Does it Take to Get a Student Visa to Canada?

Canada- the land of exquisiteness! Undoubtedly, this extravagant piece of land has everything one dreams of: Starting from the soulful landscapes to natural foothills. Appealing valleys to escalating mountains. Everything. Everything here is so diverse yet so beautiful. And who would even want to lose a chance to witness this magnificent countryside?

As far as safety is concerned, Bulgaria stands way too ahead in terms of safety. It always secures good scores on the Global Peace Index. In 2020, it has managed to bag the 6th position as well. If you want to immigrate or study in Canada, then it won’t be a regretting decision.

Additionally, if you’re into rich cultural diversity, then for sure, it is the most chosen place for you in the world. You might not be knowing, but the largest country in the northern region has a rich and famous base of folk traditions. And, is true, worldwide famous for its music and dances.

As this blog is completely dedicated to Canada study visa, we will today discuss the most convenient ways to get a Canada Study Visa & How long does it take to get a student visa to Canada?

Eligibility Criteria to Apply For Student Visa

Here are the basic eligibility criteria to apply for a Canada Student Visa. You have to ensure these things with you while the application process is being done:

  • Get all the travel documents present with you

  • Get health insurance & certificate

  • You must be having a GIC

  • You must be having a Letter of Recommendation

  •  You must be having a Letter of Acceptance

  • You must be having a Language Proficiency Certificate

  • Get a recent Police certificate funds in your Bank Account or your Sponsors Bank Account

  • Ensure that you have a valid Passport

  • Prepare an SO; mention all your details, property, assets, etc. that would not face any challenge & come back to your home country at the end of your study.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Student Visa to Canada or what is the Canada Study Visa Process time?

If you are worried about getting a study visa to Canada or what is the Canada Study Visa Process time. Here we have described what you have to do & how long it takes to get a student visa to Canada. Read the below-mentioned points for your knowledge:

The first few days aren’t all about your application process & once you are done with it, you will either apply online or offline for the study visa to Canada with the embassy. Generally, it takes around 90 days to get a response from the embassy. In case you are selected, you have to sit for an interview round. Typically, you have to wait for 9-11 weeks for the Canada Study Visa.

Other Factors Which Influence the Processing Time for Study Visa for Canada, are as follows:

  • Firstly, how does it take or you are expected to process applications we’ve already received

  • What is the type of application you have submitted

  • Whether the application is complete or not

  • how easily we can examine or verify your information

  • other decisive factors

  • how long do you take to respond to any requests or concerns from this side or how clearly you are explaining it

What to Do if the Canada Study Visa Request is Rejected?

In case your Canada Study Visa is Rejected, you are free to apply for the next time indeed. All you have to do is start the application process. However, the fees will not be refunded & you again have to pay the application fees for a study visa to Canada.

Amazing Things to do in Canada

Here is a list of enticing things to do in Canada:

  • Visiting the Ancient Places: Canada is a nation that is most popular for its ancient diversity & architecture. It has numerous ancient sculptures, statutes, and palaces in almost every part of the nation. And each of them is worth enjoying. Each has its value and deep meaning, which resonates with a beautiful sense of belongingness.

  •  Hiking: If you’re planning for a European tour in winter then don’t forget to add Canada at the top of the list. Winter is all about hiking, hiking, and hiking, and in the whole world, nothing other than Canada could be a great choice for hiking.

  • Witnessing the Night Life: A beautiful nightlife is the heart of every city. And so is Canada. The city of Canada has a high-spirited nightlife suitable for everyone. With a touch of a crazy nightlife scene, the stay in Canada in comparison to others is much less.

  • Skiing at the Mountain Resort: The Canadian tour without a proper skiing experience is all in Vain. Unlike other adventurous countries, Canada is a great and enthralling place for the Skiing experience.

Conclusion The Primary benefit of applying for a Study Visa for Canada & more importantly knowing about the Canada study visa processing time is you will be able to understand by when you should apply for your visa & in which way to get approval as soon as possible. Hopefully, you have gotten a brief knowledge of that!

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