How Civil engineers immigrate to Canada from India?

How Civil engineers immigrate to Canada from India?

Civil engineers are the skilled people who have a major role to play in building the infrastructure of a place. These people with their skill and expertise can build bridges, roads, buildings and much more. This is the reason that there is huge demand for civil engineers in different parts of the world. Many Civil engineers immigrate to Canada every year as this is one country where they get some really amazing opportunities to grow.  The main reason for this is that these engineers get a good quality life, the remuneration that they get for their services is very good. They get protection from the Canadian law. Naturally civil engineers are more than happy to live and work in Canada. But to qualify to get the visa they need to posses some special skills.

Special duties that the civil engineer must be able to perform:

The civil engineers must be able to coordinate with other engineers and understand the different project requirements. They must be good at the planning and designing of different civil projects like roads, bridges, dams, waste management systems etc. They must be able to manage the development of specifications for the construction of different projects. They must be able to ensure that the construction of the different projects conforms with the different specifications and  rules and regulations. They must be able to manage the establishment and monitoring of construction work schedule. They must have knowledge about conducting the analysis of air, water and soil quality and develop procedures to clean up contaminated areas. These are some of the special duties that the civil engineer must have. There are number of other specifications. It is important that the candidate possesses at least some of the mentioned skill sets.
Many Civil engineers immigrate to Canada only after getting trained in performing these particular duties. In addition to these special duties the civil engineer must have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from a recognised university. They must have at least two years of relevant experience. They must not be on drugs and must not have any police record. They must have a command on English and French language. The relevant documents as a proof for the same have to be submitted. Civil engineers can get a work permit and then they can apply for permanent residence of Canada.

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