Canadian Immigration Options for Civil Engineers

There is lots of demand for engineers in the Canada. There are a number of companies and sectors in Canada which need skilled workers with a core engineering background. Among the different types of engineers, there is a growing demand for Civil Engineers in Canada. These engineers are needed to for structural designing, development of infrastructure, real estate etc. The national occupational classification of Canada considers civil engineering as one of engineering occupations in Canada.

The skilled workers programme is the right thing!

For those who have a degree in civil engineering from a recognised university and want to migrate to Canada, then they must think of applying under the skilled workers programme for their Canadian Immigration. This is one of categories among the different categories for applying for the Canada PR visa. For getting complete details about this it is important to get guidance from the correct source. One can always opt for the services of good immigration consultants. One of the best in this regards in undoubtedly IRA immigration, which has catered to several aspirants who wanted to migrate and work in Canada.

Besides having a degree, it is important for the applicant to fulfil a number of other criteria. The skilled workers programme is a point based programme where one can score points based on one’s qualification, work experience, training, age, and language skills etc. One has to score a certain minimum points in order to get qualified for applying for the visa. More points will always be an advantage. Civil Engineers with better points will definitely have a better chance of qualifying as compared to those with fewer points. If the application is selected, then the applicant will get an invite from Canadian authorities to apply for the visa. The application formalities have to be completed in the next sixty days. Engineers must remember that this PR visa is one of the ways of applying for a Canadian citizenship in the future. In order to get complete details approach IRA immigration at the earliest. They have a highly experienced team. They have a dedicated team for immigration to Canada who have complete knowledge about the procedure. Those engineers who have specialised in civil engineering have lots of scope in Canada. Here if you have the right skills and attitude then sky is the limit for these skilled workers. For all the details just call IRA immigration right away.

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