Getting an express entry visa from Delhi | The Complete Guide

If you are an aspiring immigrant looking for opportunities to Canada, the best program will be the express entry form Delhi.

The express entry system was implemented in 2015 to ease the application processing and to make the overall process hassle-free. Now Indians can apply for and get visa approvals in short periods of 6 months.

In this guide, we will talk about the how to apply for and get the visa.

We will break this down into three phases.

  • The pre-application phase.

  • The pre-ITA phase.

  • The post ITA phase

The pre-application phase

The pre-application phase consists of planning. You should outline a settlement plan, you will have to understand your job prospects and then find a way to source your funds.

You have to be realistic about your expectations in terms of employment and life quality.

Next thing you have to find is your eligibility for a Canadian visa application, you can check your eligibility for any of the immigration programs. Most Indians get Canadian visa through the express entry program. This is a points-based system and would require you to get a score of 67/100 to be eligible for approval.

There are several tools online that will help you in calculating your test score. If you qualify for the actual program you can then create your express entry profile.

Before creating the express entry profile, you will need a couple of things,

  • A personal reference code

  • My CIC account

  • A language test report form and ECA report

  • You also need to register with the Canada job bank, for the CIC to be valid.

The Pre-ITA Phase

This is a period where you should have patience, the CIC conducts two draws every month. A particular cutoff score is decided every time by the minister of citizenship and immigration.

If your score is more than the selected one you will get an ITA. You can also start collecting the documents needed for submitting the ITA. Some of them include the police clearance certificate, the employer reference letters and the proof of funds.

The Post ITA Phase.

Once you get the ITA you will get 60 days to file the e-APR application (the electronic application for permanent residence). You will need to submit all the applications required and also undergo a medical test. Then the CIC will determine if you will get the visa or not.

With all this, you will also need to provide appropriate travel documents.

Apply for Canada Express entry from Delhi

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