Canada Express Entry – How to increase your chances of getting selected from the pool!

The Canadian authorities have come up with one of the best immigration programmes. That is the Canada Express Entry programme. This is a point based programme. The candidates have to score points in different parameters.  The selected candidates from the pool get an invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa. The candidate with a number of points will definitely have a better chance to get an invitation to apply for the PR visa. Enquiry Now

The parameters on which the Canada Express Entry point system is based:


The age factor can help the candidate get maximum of 12 points. The candidate needs to be more than 18 years and less than 47 years to earn the points for the age factor of Canada Express Entry programme. An age group of 18 to 35 years will get the maximum points.

Education qualifications

The candidate can get up to 25 points in this parameter. PhD holders can get the maximum points in the Canada Express Entry system. If the candidate has the degree or diploma from a foreign university then he needs to get the Educational Credential assessment done by an authorised body.

Work experience

The candidate can get up to 15 points for work experience in the Canada Express Entry point system. The candidate needs to have at least one year work experience in the selected occupation. Work experience of 6 years or more can help the candidate score maximum points.

Language proficiency

English and French are the two official languages of Canada. It is important that the candidate has proficiency in at least one language. Highest level proficiency can help the candidate get maximum 28 points in the Canada Express Entry point system.

Factors that can give a boost to the scores:

In the Canada Express Entry point system the candidate has to try and score more points. If a candidate has the minimum points, then it does not assure that he will be selected. It only assures that he is eligible for selection. The candidate needs to score more points in order to improve his ranking. The better the ranking, better is the chance to get selected.

There are some factors like age on which the candidate has no control. But there are some parameters like work experience, skills, language ability etc where the candidate can try and get more points.

Additional parameters which can help the candidate get more points:

  • If the candidate has proficiency in both the languages, then it can be an advantage. Because then under the second language category the candidate can score 4 additional points in the Canada Express Entry
  • The candidate can also score additional points under the adaptability criteria. If the spouse of the applicant has language skills, education etc then the candidate can score more points.
  • Having a provincial nomination will help the candidate earn more points and will give a solid boost to the candidate’s profile.
  • Having job offer from Canadian employer or Canadian work experience in the relevant occupation can also be a useful thing for the applicant.
  • Having siblings, parents or close relatives as Canadian citizens or permanent residents can also help in getting more points. It must be noted that only certain close relations are considered for this purpose.

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