How Much Does It Cost To Study In UK?

Cost Of Studying In UK For Indian Students

The UK is one of the most beautiful & alluring places in the world. Starting from the excellent views to the old monuments & ultra-exclusive facilities. All these are worth everything. And this reason is the one for which thousands of students express their desire to study in the UK every year. But studying in the UK is not as fancy and as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of brainstorming. A lot of documents & other necessary steps to secure admission to the UK.

All these being said, two essential things are more important than anything else. Do these two things play a decisive role in whether a student will be able to study in the UK or not? But what are they? They are – Cost to study in UK & UK study Visa.

Cost To Study In UK

In this paragraph, we will understand how Cost plays a distinct role in studying in the UK & what is the Average Cost to study in the UK. Now let’s go deeper into this point & evaluate:

On top of everything, why do we need a lump-sum amount with us to study in the UK? The UK is the most developed country globally, and of course, with such developed & luxurious infrastructure, the living cost would be much higher. And so is it. If you take admission in the UK, you have to pay the tuition fees. And this is not where it’s limited to. You also have to pay for your living cost & the cost for your residence hall & mess charge.

As evident from various reports, one must have at least £1,265 (~US$1,800) in hand to meet the monthly expenses in the UK. That means you have to be prepared for a yearly budget of £15,180 (~US$21,500) per annum if you are willing to study in the UK.

However, if you are a worthy student, you also have options to meet your expenses & Cost to study in the UK. And that is the various scholarship & student loan options provided in nearly all the countries.

To make it simpler for you to understand, we will explain to you the various stands which influence your Cost to study in UK. and for that. But, first, we have to understand the minimum living cost in UK:

  • Your Tuition Fees.
  • Your campus fees for extracurricular activities.
  • If you go shopping in the UK, it will also cost you something. More likely, it will cost you about £30/$42.
  • If you take a meal on a special occasion in a hotel or restaurant, you must pay between £13/$18.
  • As per your course, you’ll likely pay at least £20-30 a month on stationeries like books and other course materials.
  • Your mobile phone bill, including your data pack, is more likely to pay nearly £15/$22 a month.
  • If you are a fitness freak, you have to take the GYM membership or join the GYM, which will cost 5 you nearly £32/$45 a month. However, you may be able to get a student discount.
  • If you plan a special night out or trip somewhere, it will cost about £30/$42 in total.
  • In terms of entertainment, if you want to watch TV in your room, you need a TV licence – this is £147 (~US$107) per year.
  • If you go out for a movie with your friends, you have to be ready to spend roughly £10/$14 including the ticket & other costs.
  • Depending on your spending habits, you might spend £35-55 (US$49-77) or so on clothing & other things each month.

UK Living expenses/Cost

Bills (electric/ gas/ water)£40 – £50
Food and housekeeping£160 – £200
TV licence (mandatory with TV or watching BBC online)£12.56 (or £150.50 per year)
Mobile phone£15 – £50
Leisure & sports (calculated on membership for the students’ sports centre)£10 – £20
Books & stationery£21
Travel & transport (based on the monthly cost of a student bus pass)£32
Childcare (if needed)£656

UK Expenses

UK Study ProgramRage fee (in Euros*)
1.Undergraduate bachelor degreeGBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 per year
2.Postgraduate master’s degreeGBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 per year
3.Doctoral degreeGBP 15,000 to GBP 24,000 per year

Cost for UK Undergraduate Courses.

The following table represents the average fees for various UG courses in UK.

S.NoProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in INR)
1.Engineering16 lakhs-22 lakhs
10-15 lakhs
3.Medicine Courses30-40 Lakhs
4.Nursing Courses15-18 lakhs
5.Dentistry30-35 lakhs
6.Law15-18 lakhs
7.Diploma Courses10-15 lakhs

Cost for Postgraduate Courses

Given below is the average fees for various PG courses in UK.

S.NoProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in INR)
1.Engineering14-20 Lakhs
2.Arts10-15 Lakhs
3.Doctoral Degree14-18 Lakhs
4.MBA10-40 Lakhs
5.Management Courses9-35 Lakhs
6.Medicine Courses25-35 Lakhs
7.Dentistry20-30 Lakhs
13-35 Lakhs

UK Study Visa

UK Study Visa is a permit by the embassy of the UK that you are allowed to pursue your higher education in the UK. But to your knowledge, a UK study visa is not allowed for all students. Only deserving students have the potential to justify their course in the UK. Apart from this, the Cost to study in the UK also plays a vital role in approving a UK student Visa.

Even the UK consulate general has made it very clear for the students that they should have a specific amount in their bank accounts & other enough funds with them either or with their sponsors to allow them to study in the UK. Or else the UK study Visa won’t be given to them. According to the visa rules, one must have between £1,015 (~US$1,435) in your bank account each month to get a UK study visa. 

Apart from this, if you will have a look at the fees structure for most of the UK universities, you will see that the fee structure is way more than what is anticipated: that would be between £9,250 (~US$13,050) per year. However, this amount is not fixed. It is constantly changing. For degrees like Medical & Business Administration, it is twice what is mentioned. Therefore, we can say that the Cost of studying in the UK is sky-high. But for meritorious students having no high resources, several options are open to study in the UK. 


The Cost to study in the UK indeed plays a vital role in your better living in the UK and your UK studies visa approval.
Unlike other factors, ensure that you have secured enough funds with you. To know more interesting facts about Cost of studying in the UK, keep visiting our website. The team at IRA Immigration consultancy is here on board to help you.

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