Check your Eligibility by Canada Express Entry Points Calculator

Check your Eligibility by Canada Express Entry Points Calculator

Canada is a place where you will find lots of scope to grow in your career. If you are a skilled worker with the right qualifications then you can get some of the best jobs. Canada has special provisions in order to invite the best skilled talent to their country. The Canada Express entry programme is one of the best ways for skilled workers to migrate to Canada. It is a point based system. One needs to refer to Canada express entry points calculator in order to understand the factors on which this point system depends.

A look into the Canada Express Entry Points Calculator System:

There are a number of factors on which the Canada express entry points calculator is dependent. Some of the factors are age, the educational qualification, the skills that the candidate has, the work experience, the English language proficiency etc. The candidate has no control on some of the factors like age. But there are some factors where the candidate has to chance to earn more points. Like in the case of educational qualification he must ensure that he has a good higher educational qualification from a reputed and recognised university. He must try to get high scores in the language proficiency tests. As for the skills, it should be noted that he must get his skills assessed by an assessing body and must try to ensure that he gets the best skills assessment report. Higher the points the better is the chance of the candidate to get an invitation to apply for the Canada permanent resident visa.

As you can see that the points calculator is one of the most important criteria. So, the candidate who are serious about getting a PR for Canada have to work hard to get the maximum points in the Express entry programme. Only then you will have a chance to get the invite to apply for the visa. Once you get the invitation you have to submit the expression of interest along with the relevant documents. In most of the cases the candidate will have to submit a medical certificate and a moral certificate.

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