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Student Visa is a determining factor for your Study Abroad Dream. But how? In general, a student visa is a permission from the government of the country you dream of studying in. The study visa ensures that you are eligible to study in that country. If you are declined to get a student visa, you will not be able to attain higher education abroad.

Without a student visa, it is not possible. Thus, today in this blog, we will discuss Canada Student Visa & Canada Student Visa Consultant in Delhi. And will also discuss how you can quickly get the Canada Student Visa Permit to accomplish your study abroad dreams. But before we start with this, let’s first understand why we need a student Visa Consultant to get a student visa permit?

Why Do We Need Canada Student Visa Consultants?

Canada is one of the most rated places in the country. This is because it has a very developed economy & infrastructure. As a result, Canada provides transcendent & high-calibre education to all the students. Furthermore, Canada’s diversified education & culture makes it even more popular among the freshers who want to have a future abroad. But there is a question: how can a Student Visa Consultant help people to Study in Canada?   

We need a Canada Student Visa Consultant to draft all our essential documents, prepare us for the interview round with the consulate general & also to do the application work:

To Draft a Clear Statement of Purpose: A statement of purpose is a 1000-1500 words description that contains details about you, your personal life, your academics, your future goals, family details & why you are choosing your declared course inCanada & how can you justify it. Generally, through a statement of purpose, a student justifies the details about the self & shows why heshe should be granted the student visa.

Now the point is that as the SOP is an official document, a unique structure should be followed in it. It’s not the same as the standard explanation. There are some technical things. And the cache of your approval gets higher if you do it with professionals who have expertise in dealing with such matters.

To do the Application Process Efficiently: To apply for the Canada student visa, you have to file your application with the embassy of Canada. And the application contains a lot of questions that you have to answer within a specific limit.

If you cannot answer it in the proper technical order & justify your explanation with the correct documents, your visa application will be rejected. To do the application process efficiently, you need a student visa consultant. As these consultants have experience, your chance of getting a visa increases.

To prepare us for the Interview Round: After your application gets selected, you are asked by the embassy to sit for an interview round. The interview round is all about how you present yourself. They will not only judge you based on your answers but also based on your body language; they will try to evaluate what is your authenticity as an individual.

Meaning, whether you are the right candidate to be granted a visa or not, you can add value to the purpose or not.

To Help us in Clearing IELTS: IELTS is a test designed to test your language proficiency in English. It has four tiers – Reading, writing, speaking & listening. And in each tier, you have to score at least 6.5 to prove that you can precisely communicate in English. And you will not face any problem related to language proficiency in Canada. Unless you get a good score, your application for a student visa will not be accepted. And the student visa consultants help the student to score well in IELTS.

To Review our Application with the Professionals: 

The review of our application by the professionals & experts ensures the presence of zero technical mistakes in the visa application. They examine all the points carefully & make the changes if required. As a result, you quickly get student Visa approval for Canada.

Eligibility criteria to get a Canada Student Visa permit

  • You must have an acceptance certificate from a recognized institution ( university or college or school) in Canada.

  • Ensure that you have your valid passport & travel documents with you.

  • You must have to prove your funding & sponsorship details for the following:

(a)Tuition Fees;

(b)Living Expenses for yourself and any family members who will accompany you to Canada;

(c)Return Transportation for yourself and any family members who accompany you to Canada.

  • You have to prove that you are a responsible, law-abiding citizen & you have no criminal record & if you get a student visa, it will not be in any way a risk to the security of Canada. Ensure that you have secured a police certificate with your application.

  • You must be in good health condition & a certificate showing this must be attached with your application. 

  • It would be best if you had to assure the case officer that you will leave Canada after your studies.

  • You will require an IELTS certificate as well.

Canada Student Visa Consultants in Delhi

Each year Delhi is witnessing a rise in the Canada Student Visa application. This is because many students from Delhi are enrolling in Canadian Universities. With the increasing enrollment percentage for study enrollment in Canada, we also need to have a good student visa consultation with us to get our Canada student visa permit soon.

One such student visa Consultant in Delhi is IRA Immigration. IRA Immigration has a specialised team in dealing with Canada Study Visa Permit. The team has years of experience dealing with the Canada Student Visa Immigration Process. Thus, it is the best destination to deal with the Canadian immigration process.


For the students, it is essential to choose the proper study Visa Consultant for Canada Study Visa Permit. So ensure that you do proper homework before choosing an immigration consultant for a Canada Study Visa permit.

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