Is 6.5 A good score in IELTS for Canada?

International English Language Test System has two categories. One is the academic category which is for higher education. The second category is general training. This category is for people who want to immigrate to Canada, UK, or Australia. You will need a higher band score of IELTS for Canada.

Some important pointers about the IELTS score for Canadian immigration:

  • The speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills of the person are checked in the IELTS exam. 
  • For candidates who want to move to Canada will have to submit their test scores. For those candidates who are applying for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme the Canadian Language Benchmark that is needed is 7.
  • This CLB corresponds to an IELTS score of 6 per band that is in reading, writing, speaking, and listening the candidate has to get a minimum 6 score.
  • So, one can say that 6.5 bands for IELTS for Canada is a good score. But the aim of the candidate has to be to score a higher band score so that he has a higher CLB.

Are there any options for candidates with lower IELTS score?

The language proficiency requirements for the express entry programme are high. But that does not mean that those candidates with a low IELTS score must lose hope. It must be noted that there are more than 60 Canadian immigration programmes. There are some immigration programmes that require a low IELTS score for applying for the Canada PR visa.

For example, in the case of the Alberta Provincial Nominee Programme and Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programme, the minimum IELTS score is 4.5. So if you have a low IELTS score then you can explore these options.

Check with a Canada immigration expert about the IELTS score requirement:

If you are not aware of the IELTS score requirement of different programmes then just get in touch with a Canada immigration expert. The expert will check your profile and score and will tell you which Canada immigration programme you are eligible for.

They will help you select the correct visa category and will also explain the procedure for the same. The expert will explain how you can complete the process and will provide all the assistance that you need to complete the visa process.

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If you consult IRA immigration then you have nothing to worry about:

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