Canada spouse visa processing time 2021

If you are a permanent resident in Canada and want to bring your spouse to Canada then you must check the details of the Canada spouse visa. To get the complete details about the Canada spouse visa process, Canada spouse visa processing time, etc you must connect with IRA immigration.

Important information about the Canadian spouse visa:

  • The Canadian spouse visa lets Canadian citizens and permanent residents sponsor their spouse or common-law partner as permanent residents. This visa lets the spouse settle down in Canada permanently.
  • For sponsoring the spouse, the applicant has to be at least 18 years and must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. The applicant must not have any police record and he must have not been invited to Canada as a sponsored spouse in the last 5 years.
  • The applicant must be able to take up complete financial responsibility of the spouse and must be able to fulfill all the documentation formalities.
  • There are certain factors due to which one may not be allowed to sponsor the spouse like financial instability, living separately from the spouse, etc.

What is the processing time of the Canadian spouse visa:

The Canada spouse visa processing time is different for different countries. In the case of India, it can take anywhere between 12 to 26 months. It must be noted that the processing time may vary from application to application. In case of an incomplete application, there can be a delay in the processing of the visa application. It is therefore important that you complete all the formalities properly.

Not sure how to complete the formalities of the Canada spouse visa? Here is what you can do!

If you are confused and not sure how to complete the formalities of the Canada spouse visa then it is better that you connect with a good visa and immigration company. The visa expert will check if you are eligible to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner for the Canada spouse visa. The expert will tell you about the eligibility criteria and the formalities that have to be completed. They will also help you complete all the formalities in the best possible way. However, you can get the best guidance only if you choose one of the best visa and immigration companies.

It is always better to rely on IRA immigration:

If you are looking for one of the best visa and Immigration Company then you have to choose IRA immigration. This company has been providing the best visa, immigration services for many years, and they have one of the best team of experts who are well-versed with the Canadian visa categories and formalities.

If you need details about the Canada spouse visa processing time and application process then you must get in touch with IRA immigration. They have successfully helped a large number of aspirants and have a very good track record. So connect with IRA immigration at the earliest to get details about the Canada spouse visa.

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