How To Apply Canada Spouse Visa?

How To Apply Canada Spouse Visa?

Are you a permanent resident or citizen of Canada? You want your spouse to join you in Canada? The Canada Spouse Visa can make this possible. You have to only follow the correct process while applying for the visa.

The requirements of Spouse Visa for Canada:

  • You will have to give the documents that show that you are legally married. That is you will have to provide the marriage certificate.
  • The permanent resident or citizen will be the sponsor of the spouse. The sponsor will have to prove that he has enough funds to support his spouse in Canada.
  • The couple will also have to ensure the authorities that they will stay in Canada after the spouse gets the PR visa
  • The spouse will also have to give medical report as well as police verification report. The visa authorities have to be convinced that the spouse is not a threat to Canada only then they will approve the application.
  • The couple will also have to ensure that they understand their roles and responsibilities and that they will abide by all the rules and regulations
  • Any other documents that are required by the authorities will have to be submitted

Not Sure How To Proceed For Spouse Visa? Then This Is What You Must do!

The procedure for the Canada spouse visa is very complicated. But that does not mean that you will have a tough time applying for the same. All that you have to do is take the services of a good visa and immigration agent. In Delhi IRA immigration is considered as one of the best immigration companies. They have a dedicated team of experts for Canada immigration.
Their team of experts have complete knowledge about the formalities for different types of Canada visa. They have their head office at Janakpuri and branch office at Nehru Place. You will get all types of visa and immigration services at both these places.

Here is what IRA immigration will do for you!

  • When you approach IRA immigration for spouse visa they will first check if the Canadian PR is eligible to sponsor the spouse.
  • The experts will also check if the spouse is eligible to migrate to Canada.
  • The visa professionals will then check if the applicant has all the relevant documents like marriage certificate, proof of funds and any other legal documents that have to be submitted.
  • Once all these things are checked after that the immigration experts will help the candidate in selecting the right visa category. They will then help them to complete all the formalities that are associated with the visa category.
  • They will provide complete assistance till the applicant gets the PR visa.
IRA immigration is one of the most successful immigration agents in India. They have a very high success rates when it comes to different types of PR visas for Canada. So if you too want to move to Canada but are not sure how to do it then approach IRA immigration.

They will check the eligibility of the client and then they will provide the relevant advice. They have a customer centric approach and this is the reason that people trust them.
For all details about Canada Spouse Visa get in touch with IRA immigration. Just tell them all your requirements and they will assist you. In case you are confused and have no idea about how you can easily get the visa then not to worry. IRA immigration is there to provide step by step guidance. Right from selection of visa category to filling and submission of application they are there to assist you. Do not try to apply for any visa on your own. Because if you make a mistake then you will have to go through the entire process again. Instead approach the IRA immigration experts and get the answers to all your queries about immigration to Canada or to any other country.

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