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Skilled workers like engineers, architects etc have lots of scope in Canada. There are a number of job opportunities for people in Canada. The government of Canada is offering a large number of benefits to the permanent residents of the country. This is one of the reasons that many people with the right qualifications want to settle down in this country. Skilled workers can apply for the Canadian visa under the Express entry programme. But for this they need a thorough understanding about the Canada express entry points calculator. This is one of the most crucial factors. It is based on these points that the fate of your application will depend.

Factors that are considered for the points:

The Canada express entry programme is a point based system. There are a number of factors that influence the Canada express entry points calculator. These factors include the age of the applicant, the qualification of the applicant, the work experience, skills of the applicant etc. The more the number of points better are the chances of the person to get the permanent resident visa invitation. There are some factors that the applicant cannot influence. That is in case of the age of the applicant there is nothing that the applicant can do to get more points. But in case of factors like the skills, language proficiency etc the candidate can work to score more points.  Every year there may be some amendments in the points calculator so it always better to refer to the latest point calculator chart.

Where to get the correct details about the latest points calculator?

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